12068912_520777094765161_4943040317768509414_o, You always have the choice, in everything in our life, we have to choose, sometimes we chose the wrong path, take the wrong decision, but that’s how we learn and keep trying our best to know what is right and what is wrong.

I chose to be strong, strong enough to fight, fight my desires, my weakness, my enemies, not give up on my dreams, not give up on what I believe in, chose to be strong to handle everything in my life, to take the responsibility for what I chose.

Yeah, sometimes my choices are disaster, completely wrong, but it always make me learn something new, achieve¬†something, every step I took and will take I won’t regret it, but I’ll learn from it, that why always my nickname is Rebellious strong girl, that’s why I’m who I’m now.

Your choices what makes you who you’re, it makes you realize who are you? and what is your life looks like? somehow we all build our history, we write our future by what we made in our past, so try to learn to choose right, and every page in your life try to write it well because you won’t be able to clean it or delete it because the past never back.

Be Strong enough to fight!

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