I own you


You’re mine; that’s what he told me before I go, I don’t remember how he got into my life, or how he became so close to me, all I know is that he is control freak, he loves to control everything, even me, I remember that I went to his company to a job interview, I didn’t see him in that time, I got accepted, then one day there was a meeting, I attended it, he was there, elegant in black suit and tie, dark brown hair, so dark, flawless skin, bread showed his age, 35 years old business man, mystery man with mystery dark eyes.

I tried a lot to not be attracted to him, and keep my distance away from him, but somehow he pulled to him, I kept fighting him, he owned me more, I kept push him away, he kept taking me to his world.

Yes, he owned me, he kidnapped me, put me in his palace, when I refused, tried a lot to run away, but every time I back to his arms, like I’m running from him, I run to him, like no way to run away from him, He always tell me ” you’re mine, I own you”

Yes, I’m his, I loved him from the beginning, but I refused to confess it and refused him, I was afraid of his attraction, of this love, mad crazy love, afraid of this obsession, this passion, but every time I run, I back to him again, yes, I feel safe with him, between his arms, I’m stubborn and fight him in every way I can, but still I’m in love with him, he owned me forever and made me be crazy in love with him, with his dark eyes, with his seductive look, with his kiss and hug, if this is love I should accept it, whatever it is I want it.


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