Thoughts ( #Me_and_Her )


She’s my best Friend, part of my life, I tell her everything actually we share everything, we talk about everything, about love, life, dreams, even about bluff things, when we see each other, we become happy, hyper, laughing and talk much.

She trusts me so much, loves me like I love her, sometimes we talk at 4 am, like it’s normal for us, we understand each other, even without saying anything.

Friendship is what makes us be happy, one of the things that could make anyone happy and accomplish things when you have the right friend beside you, who always stand for you, be beside you, be your back, that friend who encourages you, who listens to you without judging you or without be angry from you because you made some wrong things, who gives you the love you need, that friend who became a sister/brother from another family, that true friend….


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