Who Killed me (Secrets and lies #4)


Dear Anushka;

Hi again, I thought about talk to you, so letters could be the best way for us, you don’t know me, but I know you very well, I did my homework very well, see your name is Anushka Ahmed, from Egypt, came to the USA to study Criminology, you were so good at it, became a detective,  you met Nicholas in the college he was senior when you were in the 2nd year, you liked each other, be best friends, then became your co-worker, who always beside you, but you have a big secret in Egypt, no one knows about even Nicholas, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

The thing is my dear stop wasting your time, stop helping Carlos, because if you didn’t I’ll destroy you, your life and your lover Nicholas, if you still love him, not attracted to Carlos…. Bye, for now, my dear Anu.

I closed the letter, I’m angry now, so angry, that secret I have in Egypt, that always everyone uses to threaten me, I have to tell Nicholas, I took my phone, dialled his number, he answered:

-Anu, hi, how’re you? how’s your day with Hannah?

-good, Nicholas I want ou to come to me now.

-okay, is everything okay?

-come, and I’ll tell you, please.

-okay, I’ll, see you

-see you.

we closed, after 30 minutes, he came, I said:

-Come in


He kissed me on my cheeks, I kissed him too, then said:

-sit, I have to tell you somethings.

-okay, tell me.

-1st what do you want to drink?

-nothing, just water.

I gave him the water, he thanked me, I said:

-I have sort of things to tell you, don’t cut me whatever happened okay?

-sure, go on.


I took a deep breath;

– I have a secret didn’t tell it to anyone when I was in high school in Egypt, I had a friend, my best friend or I thought that he’s my best friend, the thing is we were seniors, we made a party with our group, that friend came late for the party and when he came, he took me in his car to talk to me, he told me that he killed someone, I was frustrated, afraid, didn’t know what to think or do, he told me that the body is in his house, his family was out of the city for some work, the body belongs to a girl, a latin girl, not Egyptian, he was having an affair with her, we were teenagers, and all I could think about it how to hide all that and finish it. So we buried the body somewhere out of Cairo, and I’m the only one who knows that secret, I came here to the USA to finish college, but now, this secret comes again, Carlos; who we met in that masquerade party, his wife and daughter died in some car accident, but in the investigations it wasn’t accident, it was murder, he wants me now to find out who killed her and why? now there’s the new murder of Ely, Carlos friend and those letters, a note in Ely’s mouse and that letter, from the murderer to me, to stop investigating or he will tell about my secret.

I gave him the note and the letter, he read them, he didn’t say anything, drank the water, he stood up, walk a little, then said:

-okay, 1st I’m not angry with you because you hide that secret, I’m angry from that man Carlos, and why you didn’t tell me about him?

-because he wanted me to work alone, keep it a secret.

-mmm, and what about that you attracted to him.

-What!!! I’m not, this man who wrote that don’t know anything about my feelings, so stop worrying about that, we have so many important things to solve it and think about it.

-Mmm, okay, 1st we need to put Carlos in the picture, then we have to know the latin girl who your friend killed.

-the same thing I was thinking about, okay tomorrow morning we will do that.

He was going toward the door, I held his hand, hugged him strongly, whispered in his ears ” I love you, only you”

He hugged me, kissed me, then held me to my bedroom, put me on the bed and said:

-you’re tired Anu, sleep now, and by the way, I love you too.

He sat beside me holding me, I know I’m Muslim, he’s Christian, but how should I hold myself from loving him, I tried a lot to stop myself, in the end, I felt into him, I slept after I assured that he will keep holding me. We fell asleep cuddling each other.

I woke up, I found him sleeping, left him, took my shower, got dressed, then made the breakfast, he woke up too, got fresh then we ate, I opened my laptop, we searched for tickets to Egypt, we booked it.

We drove the car to our way to Carlos, to tell him everything, and put him in the picture….




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