Hold on me


– Do you know when you have your life, you made your routine, you live with no extraordinary events, life with stability, everything predictable, normal, you feel that this way you’re safe and everything is Okay.

But then She came into my life, she changed everything, put it upside down, she came and changed the game, the rules and me.

I broke everything, she made me a different person, she made my life unpredictable, she made me fall in love deeply, I had many relations and no one could change who I’m except her, she’s the one, I always heard about the other half, the one but I never believed that until she came and everything, every barrier felt down, she broke it and made me crazy, totally in love with her, she made me realize what is the real meaning of being in love.

She Changed me.

– I was okay or that what I thought, I was alright by myself, every step in my life I took it alone, I was always depending only on myself and no one else, but he came.

He came into my life and conquer me, challenged me, consumed me, changed my life, broke the ice, broke the barriers, dominate my life like he was always here, he came and everything just became different,  like I never left this life, never been here, he’s different, he’s who could change, consume, challenge and make me different.

He broke the woman I’m to get out the girl inside me, that had been poisoned for so long, he came and made me  crazy in love with him, “Love” the word that I never imagined that I’ll know it, I never thought that one day I’ll fall in love, He came and changed all of that.

He Changed me

– hold on me

– hold on me and never let me go


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