Behind the wheels

I don’t care if my nail polish wiped out, don’t care if it’s not perfect, don’t care if my flawless face not covered with makeup and seemed perfect. I don’t care if my messy bun isn’t perfect it actually should be messy, not perfect.

I don’t want to be perfect, I’m imperfect and the beauty behind the imperfection is being yourself, your true self, not another version of someone else.

All that I care about is to be behind the wheels and drive my own life to the destination I want and enjoy the journey I take. to take control of what’s mine and accept my imperfection. It’s all about the responsibility you take, it’s all about you, you have only one life and you won’t get another life to do in it what you couldn’t do before.

You have one life and one opportunity to dream and make your dreams come true. It’s all about that life, your life that you should drive it to the destination you want. To discover new places and new things. To learn new lessons and learn to enjoy the journey not just arrive at your destination. to enjoy the things that maybe you won’t see again. To enjoy the little moments you have.

Be yourself, be who you believe you want to be, be responsible and strong to take the risk and the adventure to make your dreams come true. Take the wheels and start driving your life to the way you want.



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