Windows with Stories

“Every window has its own story, every window holds a lot behind”

Nourhan M. Sabek

Windows like people have a lot of stories, sometimes stories about the same person, sometimes with different people.

They say “Life Changes!” I don’t know if it’s really changing or it’s us who change? They say “Life Goes On!” Is it? Or we have that ability to move on? They say “we are able to forget!” Are we? Or we just put those memories that we don’t want to remember inside the deepest part of our minds. But then when the time comes, we remember them.

Every wall, every street, every house, every window and every place we go, we build a memory in it. We are a part of those memories and the owners at the same time. Yes, we change but our memories don’t, life goes one and we move on, but inside us, there’s a part we left in the place before we leave.

Windows, they are a very strange thing, they are just stones and glass, but they hold a lot behind them. When you look at the old windows you’ll feel the mystery; you’ll ask what was their story? Then you’ll remember yours, your childhood, your neighbors, your friends, your parents, your school…etc.

Suddenly all the memories will flood to your heart and mind, your memories will come back so fast and will get you back to your beginnings. Those random thoughts, those memories, those people you left behind, those places you left and never back; all of that will get back and yeah, I won’t lie, it’ll hurt, maybe will make you cry, but also will make you smile.

Then again you’ll leave and left behind you a print that no one will ever remember, but the walls will remember, the windows will…



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