All about you…

“It’s all about you…”
This is how everything begins; it all begins with you; the story begins with you; It’s a cliche when I say this; right?! But no, it’s not a cliche; that story about love; that story about hate, or the story about dreams; it all about you, only you.

What if you didn’t love yourself, you’ll never see who really loves you; what if you never work hard; you won’t achieve your goals; what if you decided to sacrifice the people who love you the most of some opportunity that will destroy your life for more money, you won’t be able to fix your relations.

What if you meet someone; and gives you the chance to be better in exchange for a lot in your life, you will do it but also you’ll lose much more than you think.

It’s not about being a better version of yourself; this is not what I’m talking about; it’s about those choices you make and then put the circumstances on someone else; no dear; it’s all about you, how you choose; how you react, how you take actions, how you think and what you are really willing to do and sacrifice for what you want; so if you want love always you’ll choose love; if you want money always will run after it; if you want your dreams, you’ll always go after it.

It’s not about fairy tales and romantic novels; not even about the books you read or will read, because if you think about it all the books in this world tell you the same thing; you’re the story, you’re what you choose and how you think; you’re what you believe; what will happen with you is what you believe at and think about and work for it…

So “Who are you?” Is the main question you should figure it out and then all will come to you….. Embrace yourself and be your better version.

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