Self-Care List

Have some time for yourself, your soul, and your mental health ❤ … More Self-Care List

Be or not to Be

Hello everyone; how are you all doing? I miss you so much; I know it had been a lot since the last post. Here I’m again trying to pull myself up and get back to work 😀 yeah, I’ve been traveling and will talk about that later in other posts; I was sick, but nowhere … More Be or not to Be

Challenge Yourself (1st challenge: Journaling)

Hello everyone; How are you? Happy Wednesday; hope you’re all well and good. I’m back with a new lifestyle changing habit; let’s grab out drinks (this time I’m just drinking water 😀 ) and go together to a new lifestyle article, a new step toward the life you dream about. Without any further ado let’s … More Challenge Yourself (1st challenge: Journaling)

She Is…

Hello everyone; I know it’s been a while; I miss you all and thanks for being here, for supporting me, thanks for all the likes and following me; How are you doing? How’s life so far? Today won’t be the usual, I will not write the usual posts, but I’ll tell you a story about … More She Is…