Mads Mikkelsen (The Exceptional Artist) Part 1

Hello again; how’s everyone? Good Morning or Good evening or Good afternoon, wherever you’re in the world ❤

So today I’ll talk about one of my favorites actors ever; Mads Mikkelsen; I’ll write from my point of view or my perspective as a fan and someone loves movies and shows so much. The first time I watched Mads was in Hannibal the show; a fun fact I never liked Hannibal 😀 why? because He eats humans for God’s sake, I saw a glimpse of the show 1st time in 2015, I saw it while watching some movie for Hugh Dancy who is one of my favorite too who acted the role, Will Graham.

Mads isn’t a simple actor; you’ll find some of his movies with a psychological perspective. some will be so sad and you’ll cry a lot; some he’s the devil by himself, also you’ll fall in love with him and you’ll be amazed how this man can be so amazing like that; this will be the 1st part I’ll write about him. Let’s go on a ride for a journey to Mads Mikkelsen’s world ❤ 😉

Another fun fact about a month ago I decided to watch Hannibal’s movies and read the books; I don’t know why I decided that, maybe I want to see it for a change and not to judge something I didn’t watch; then decided why not watching the show too! After finishing the movies and liked them special the silence of the lamps and Red Dragon; I started watching the show; that was the beginning of falling in love with the most exceptional actor the Danish actor, Mads Mikkelsen; I saw him as Hannibal and mesmerism by his acting skills; how can I fall in love with the devil? Love the man that kills and eats people; of course, I loved Antony Hopkins Sir in that role, but Mads with the changes that happened in the show made the viewer sees another side of Hannibal.

First thing I always look at the actor or the actress their eyes’ expressions; that’s how I love most of the actors in the industry; when you can express more with eyes; this how a good actor should do, convince the viewer that he’s not acting but feeling the role, living it and believing it. Mads made me believe him as Hannibal; like you’re not watching a movie or show; you’re living it. You’ll love him deeply; you’ll hate him and you’ll feel bad when someone hits him but you won’t feel the same way when he eats someone 😀 I won’t tell you the story or a plot from the show; if you didn’t watch it; please go and watch it; it’s amazing and yeah I’ll tell you this the chemistry between the two main actors Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen is amazing.

After that I decided to watch Mads’s movies; all the movies in every language.

A Royal Affair

 In Danish: En kongelig affære

A movie based on a true events happened in Denmark in the 18th century about a British princess Caroline Matilda who went to Denmark and married Christian VII of Denmark, he was mentally ill and their relationship grew apart; until a German doctor recruited to be the king’s personal physician Johann Friedrich Struensee and he became close to Caroline and had an affair, she had a son from the king also she had a daughter from Struensee.

I won’t tell much more of the story I’ll leave it to you to watch it; I don’t watch a lot of historian movies, but I loved it a lot, and Mads was amazing in it; his expressions were so true to believe; I cried when he cried and fell in love with the character; every scene of him was wonderful and so good that you’ll be mesmerized by him. A piece of advice watch this movie; it’s amazing and worthy… If you’re in Egypt or any Arabian Country you’ll find it with Arabic subtitle; also there’s an English subtitle. Watch it and enjoy every moment in the journey to the 18th century ❤

This was the first part; wait for the other parts soon, it’s a lot and we gonna enjoy it together; don’t miss this one and the others.. Till the next time ❤ XO XO


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