The Daily Brew #25 (Weekend Out and About)

Go out, have some pumpkin spice latte and walk with something you love to hear ❤

Self-Care List

Have some time for yourself, your soul, and your mental health ❤

Self care Routine

Hello everyone; how are you all? how’s your day so far? And how’s your week? The last time I wrote about pampering yourself; this routine not so different; except that this one doesn’t need money or anything to buy to have it. Yeah, it doesn’t need any money; to take care of yourself you can…

Mads Mikkelsen (The Exceptional Artist) Part 1

Hello again; how’s everyone? Good Morning or Good evening or Good afternoon, wherever you’re in the world ❤ So today I’ll talk about one of my favorites actors ever; Mads Mikkelsen; I’ll write from my point of view or my perspective as a fan and someone loves movies and shows so much. The first time…