Self care Routine

Hello everyone; how are you all? how’s your day so far? And how’s your week?

The last time I wrote about pampering yourself; this routine not so different; except that this one doesn’t need money or anything to buy to have it.

Yeah, it doesn’t need any money; to take care of yourself you can do a lot of things; one of them is pampering yourself and if you can purchase what I mentioned the last post this is good, but if you can’t this is also good.

Let’s grab our drinks and talk about this routine a little; come with me and see how I like take care of myself and my tips and tricks for you…

1- Calm:


Sometimes all what you need is to breath; yeah, breath deep, inhale and exhale; it doesn’t need the best apps on your phone to do it or going to gym or classes to do it; neither it needs the perfect place with a sea view to calm down.

All it needs is the perfect zone or spot in your room or even while you are sitting on your desk or on the bed to breath and calm down a bit; it needs just to close your eyes and have a deep breath then relax your mind.

With training like everything else it will become a habit and you’ll do it wherever you’re or whenever you feel like doing it.

Calm down and stop, stop everything and breath; that’s all it takes.

2- Disconnect:

Another tip, unplug everything; Disconnect everything, I said this before while I was writing about the night routine; this time again I’m writing it in the self care routine.

Sometimes you need to unplug everything, the social media, work, what’s app, phone calls, meetings…ex. Why? because this is one of the most important in our life; our lives became surrounded with so much technology; so much talk, so much social media and the work flow; it is like a curse we all live with and sometimes it looks like addiction.

So yeah, we need to unplug; my happy time is when I go offline and turn off everything and disconnect; this is when I feel peace and calm and relax. Try it and believe me you’ll find it amazing… 😉

3- Read an actual book:

Okay, this is my Favorite tip; yeah, I’m a fan of reading, fan of books; actual books with papers I can touch and feel; books are one of the amazing discoveries in all ages and in the world.

Reading gives me a peace of a mind and love and adventure; it make me live many lives through every page I read and above all it calms me and makes me relax.

So, why not try to pick a book and read it; touch the papers, feel the words, live inside the pages and imagine; reading is like food, it’ll feed your mind and your mind needs this from time to time; our minds are like our bodies need food and workouts to be good and in shape.

This is what reading does; if feeds our minds and make it good and opens our imaginations to the doors of another worlds; for me it’s magical and perfectly beautiful. ❤ Try it, you won’t lose anything. 😉

4- Coffee or tea:

Another favorite tip of mine, what’s better than a cup of coffee or tea or even your favorite drink; it doesn’t need much money to make a tea or coffee; id doesn’t need you to go to a fancy cafe shop to have it; if you can and want to go from time to time then do it and go to your favorite cafe shop and drink a cup of coffee or tea or any drink you like or even better try something new.

For me, I’m a coffee person; I think you already knew because I named my blog The Coffee Stories; so obviously I love coffee; fun fact when I was young I hated it; now, it seems that I’m addicting to it.

Anyway, you can take care of yourself by drinking something you like or try drinking something new; it’s like pampering yourself and what I like the most is to read while I’m drinking my coffee even if I drink it outdoor. 😉

5- Eat well and workout:

It doesn’t need money to know what’s healthy or not in your food; doesn’t need money to workout and take care of yourself; I hate the Gym and I love fresh air, workout outdoor, sometimes indoor.

Do whatever suitable to you, just don’t make an excuse to give up or to not make it; an advice, I’ve been there once, I was making excuses and didn’t workout; but now and after admitting and wanting to lose weight; I want to make it and want to keep getting up, so some workout and lose some weight.

No one says you need money to be healthy or to lose weight or to be flexible; there’s a lot of tutorials and free apps out there to help you out; just take the first step and everything will fall in its places…

6- Sleep enough:

Sleeping is one of the important things we all need and love in our lives; to sleep well means to sleep early; I know it’s hard and difficult; I struggle in it till now; I’m not an early bird, I’m a night owl, but if you have a goal or dream you want to make it come true; believe me in this you need to sleep and wake up early.

So to do that, you need to sleep at least 7-8 hours; there’s a lot of researches that talks about that men need only from 6 to 7 hours and for women need about 7 to 8 hours; I don’t know, but for me I need from 6 and half to 8 hours sleeping to feel my full energy and to recharge my power.

Yeah, you need to sleep and to rest and to have good night, because this is how it works; night to have rest and good sleep; then the morning to be in your full power and energy…

At the end of this post; 6 tips and tricks to take care of yourself; tell me about your tips and tricks; what you do to take care of yourself; tell me you opinion when you try my tips and tricks.

Till late love you all and will miss you XO XO ❤ ❤


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    Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
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    1. thank you so much ❤


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