Hello everyone; how are you doing? Did you miss me? 😀 Hello and how’s life? today’s post about the track! what do I mean? Why I called the article “Track”? What am I talking about?

It’s not easy to back to the track you’ve been making for yourself easily; not easy to motivate yourself and stand tall after every falling; not easy to get up when you feel tired; still, you’ll get up, you’ll push hard to stand again and to be stronger.

Backing to your track is as same as waking up so early when you slept last night so late; not easy to wake up early at 5:30 am when you slept 2:30 am. Not easy to stand when you broke your hand or leg without crying for the pain you feel.

I know it’s sad or negative, but it’s not; if you didn’t fall many times, you won’t learn anything; if you didn’t fail twice, three times and so on, you won’t feel the real success; that’s not mean that there are people can’t make it from the 1st time; those people are so rare; being human being is actually a tough work to do.

Yeah, you’ll fall, you’ll fail, you’ll be disappointed, you’ll be sad and tired; you’ll feel alone and fighting everyone include yourself; you’ll fall and feel you should give up; here you can ask ‘Should I give up?’

No, don’t; many people lost their dreams when they gave up; they regretted it and wished they didn’t give up; don’t give up, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel bad, sad and hurt, but not okay to give up everything and every moment you spent working on yourself and your dreams.

You can cry and it’s okay to do that; you can scream aloud and also it’s okay; you’re human, you’ll fall and it’s okay.

I live that struggle every day and I know very well the meaning of falling and being hurt; even live with no support; no support for family even if they can help me out; no support from friends who leave my side one by one; no support from people I worked with or people I go to them to ask them to help me; by the way asking for help isn’t bad and you will not be weak when you ask for help; the bad is on the people who refuse you when they can help you. Still, there’s no support and I felt completely alone and tired.

Yes, no one believes that I can do it and achieve my dreams; no one supports me; so I began something I call it ‘My Support System’, I support myself, sometimes I go searching for talks, stories and movies that can help me out and really it’s useful; I fall a lot; I cry a lot; I feel insecure, hurt and in pain many times; I wake myself up some days like a zombie or something.

But I never thought about giving up; I started taking my support from people they don’t know me; from books and novels and stories; from movies and TV shows; I started looking at my future when I achieve my goals and all I can see is me doing what people always say “impossible” about.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel; I can see the stars in my night filling my darkness with light; I can see my dreams become true.

Back to the track not easy; I know this; that’s why I’ve been away for a while, but you can do it; it’s hard and I know it’s; I won’t lie to you or convince you that it’s not hard, but it’s impossible also.

If no one supports you, it’s okay; you can do it alone, maybe it will be easier with support from some loved ones, but that not mean you can’t do it alone; you can and you’ll. Get up, don’t ever think about giving up now after all that you’ve been through; don’t stop in the middle of it because your dreams, the life you want and yourself deserve the best of it.

I’m not telling you the cliche, but I’m telling you something I live in it every day and every moment of my life and struggle with it; it’s okay, you can cry and feel and be sad and tired; you’re human, but don’t give up.

Tomorrow is going to be a new day, a new chance and new hope; don’t lose it 😉 Love you all and till later be safe and smile always ❤ ❤


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