The Daily Brew #20 (Iced coffee and hot weather)

It’s hot outside and what you need is Iced coffee with love ❤ … More The Daily Brew #20 (Iced coffee and hot weather)

The Daily Brew #6

Hello Everyone; How are you? How’s life at home? I know it’s hard and you feel bored; I won’t lie, me too even that I’m used to work from home, but now there’s no work and nothing. But That’s not mean we give up or surrender to this situation everyone live in it all over … More The Daily Brew #6

Story Of Life

Hello, Everyone; how’s everything? Hope all good ❤ I already miss you all; today’s will be different; I’ll write about women, about power, and dreams. So grab your coffee and if you’re a tea person, grab your tea and come with us; let’s go and talk a little about the story of women. I don’t … More Story Of Life

Be or not to Be

Hello everyone; how are you all doing? I miss you so much; I know it had been a lot since the last post. Here I’m again trying to pull myself up and get back to work 😀 yeah, I’ve been traveling and will talk about that later in other posts; I was sick, but nowhere … More Be or not to Be