Challenge Yourself (1st challenge: Journaling)

Hello everyone; How are you? Happy Wednesday; hope you’re all well and good.

I’m back with a new lifestyle changing habit; let’s grab out drinks (this time I’m just drinking water 😀 ) and go together to a new lifestyle article, a new step toward the life you dream about. Without any further ado let’s go…

You know those challenges you read about in a blog or a website or see it in YouTube video or hear it in a Podcast or even see it on Instagram and Facebook; By the way I’m not talking about the bottle challenge, ice challenge and all this stuff; I’m talking about 30 day challenge.

What is that? What is “30 day challenge”? It’s a challenge you achieve in a 30 day; there are a lot of this kind of challenges; couple of weeks ago I’m in a Facebook group to one of my favorites influencer calls Hend Halim; she’s a beautiful Egyptian mother and influncer; I knew her when I bought the journal she designed; and an advice if you’re in Egypt go and buy it; it’s amazing and motivational.

I love buying those things, notebooks, planners and journals; I was in Virgin Mega store and searching for a classic novel there; then I saw a beautiful light blue journal; I went to it, I love that color; I love everything in any shades of Blue; so I took it, saw it from inside and it blew my mind.

I loved every page in it; it’s simply amazing and different; I love to courage the local industry because we have a lot of creativity and amazing stuff out there; for example we have Mofkera, Space, Dawenha, Tip of the day, Noota and now Hend Halim’s The journey Journal.

I love all of them and keep following them with their new ideas and creativity; but my topic here isn’t about that, about local industry or international one; it’s not about making your industry; it’s about Challenging yourself.

Again, What do I mean? as I said above that I’m in a Facebook group and Hend wrote this challenge; that there’s the 30 day procrastination challenge and this challenge is about taking all what you have been procrastinating and start finishing it one by one.

I liked it and took it and made my list; it was awfully big 😀 but anyway I started doing it about week ago and yeah I finished some of those things I procrastinating it. That motivated me more to finish everything I delayed.

This is one of a lot of 30 day challenges; you can find some; just Google it; but my advice is do this challenge 1st; Journaling for 30 days in raw.

Yeah, I know it’s difficult spherically if you’re a techno type of a person or a person who hates writing and reading and so on; it’s difficult if you’re a beginner, but my favorite quote:

It’s hard, But not Impossible

I always say this to everyone, nothing is easy and what comes easy goes easy, baby; so I don’t want you to go out and buy those fancy notebooks or fancy pens or fancy stuff; it won’t help that way; I just ask you to get some paper, a paper everyday and start writing, write whatever comes to your mind; write whatever you want to get out; start searching deep inside yourself for everything you do and don’t in your life.

Start writing even if it’s hard; don’t tell me there’s no time; I just ask you for 10 to 30 min. It’s just few minutes to get your mind out on a paper.

Journaling will make you figure out everything; figure out the mess in your life; the procrastination you’re making; the things and chances you’re leaving behind; it’ll make you know yourself better and go a step further toward that life you dream about.

Imagine this; if you decided the next morning you’ll wake up and make a morning routine; it was amazing and productive, but 2nd day you began losing it; 3rd day failed in it and 4th day you back to same old you and gave up.

Why is that? Because you want everything to come fast, to solve all the problems and change the bad habits all at once.

No, don’t do this; I did this and know what am I talking about; it’s a disaster; it made my life overwhelming and like a hell; so what should we do?

We should take step by stem; take it slow; be slow and go easy on yourself, don’t push harder; but work harder; there’s a difference between pushing hard and work hard; take one habit and change it, be use it then change another; then go build your routines.

Journaling was my 1st step; I love writing, but I did a lot of mistakes one of them that I wrote and trashed what I wrote; yes, I got rid of it; but that didn’t stop me; I decided 1st I won’t get rid of any of my writings, 2nd I will write whatever in my mind, 3rd I’ll read it the day after I wrote it and 4th I’ll learn from yesterday.

How is that? this all come when you write down your day, your thoughts, face off your fears, face yourself, challenge it to be able to change it to the better version.

Again, it’s not about buying the fancy stuff, it’s about you with a paper and a pen in your hand writing down whatever it is; it doesn’t have to be fancy or organized, do it everyday then it’ll organize itself.

It’ll help you to get out everything, the hate you feel and the love you have; it’ll get out the bad and good thoughts; get out the problems and the stress out of you; don’t hold back just let it flow and get out.

Write for a 30 day and in the 31 day read everything you wrote; then ask yourself am I ready for the next challenge or should I complete in this one; if still you need another 30 day to keep going, do it; go for it; don’t give up if you failed or stopped for few days or maybe weeks; just keep doing it; keep challenging yourself.

This is my 1st challenge for you all; please do it and go for it, then tell me how it ends and tell me the results; happy to share wit you all; this a challenge series; the 1st one journaling for 30 day if you want more go for it.

Hope you like this one and go for it; love you all and till later, be happy and smile and challenge yourself; surprise yourself; do’t forget after success in this get some reward for yourself and don’t forget to be happy, smile and be yourself 😉 ❤ ❤


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