“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”


Hello everyone; how are you all? How’s your life and how was your last week? I missed you all and thanks for everyone liked my last week posts. ❤ ❤ ❤

Today our talk is going to be about Fall; celebrating it and have some motivating and positive energy; without any further ado, let’s go; grab your coffee, or tea, or the seasonal favorite pumpkin spice latte, or of course any drink you love and come with me into a small trip calls Autumn.

The fallen leaves are the symbol of letting go and moving on; yeah, it’s as the same as life, a season that teaches us that it’s amazing to let go and move on; don’t look behind; what’s behind will always be behind like a ghost; sometimes it’ll hunt you, but also it’s a ghost can’t hurt you anymore if you decided to ignore it.

The life is full of many pages; you’ll live every page till the fullest, but you have to turn the page and start writing a new one; a few days I watched one of my favorites YouTubers “Kalyn Nicholson”; in that video said something I really liked and decided to do it; she said that the past is the ghost that hunts you sometimes specially if you’re attached to it.

It’s true, we have a lot in our lives, the past that from time to time tries to hunt us with memories and people that aren’t in our lives anymore; we have the present that hunts us and makes us worry and stressed all the time.

We have the present that we lost during fighting the past and the present; the present is all what we have, this moment I write for you now is all I’ve and certain about it; this moment you read this is all what you have and certain about it.

This second you breath and live is what’s in your hand and what you can control, neither that past that went away and you supposed to leave it behind, nor the future that we can’t predict or control; nothing can predict the future, not the hand lines reading, not the tarot; I don’t tell you what to believe or not to believe; I don’t question your believes; all I say here that nothing and no one can predict or control the future; we are fighting the impossible and losing our time what’s in our hands worrying and stressing about what we don’t have yet.

I remember that quote:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God’s gift, that’s why we call it the present.

John Rivers

Yesterday isn’t anything but a history, leave it and move on, enough wasting more time trying to figure out, why this man left me or this friend left? Why this happened to me or why everyone leaves? Let who left, leave and let everything happened go away like that fallen leaves that go with the wind; the wind take it away and a new leaves start to flourish.

Let the past go, say goodbye to it and start new and fresh beginning; let who left you, go and forgive them; tell them goodbye and thank you; yeah; thank them for teaching you something new; for giving you a new experience; thank them; don’t hold anything inside you then let them go in their ways and move on on your way.

Tomorrow is a mystery to everyone; it’s not in our hands to control or worry about as I said above, so let it be; yeah, dream big and have plans and work hard to achieve the future of your dream, but never let it hunt you and makes you anxious about everything; don’t sink in it and remember yesterday you worried about tomorrow; and today is than tomorrow; what happened? Nothing, right?!

Today, this moment is the God’s gift for you to live, to dream, to breath and enjoy every bit of it; how can we waste this present? How can we let it go and then regret about it.

You make mistakes, well me too; you have tons of memories about people who left you; yeah; I can relate; you think of that person who made you fly high, made you feel so important, but then with one finger made you fall down so hard and break; yeah, I know that very well, but enough; what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Let it go, forgive and forget; learn from every mistake; you didn’t lose; you have a new lesson to learn from; you didn’t die; you still breathing so live that moment and appreciate it; learn from Autumn; the fallen leaves are the turned pages; so, turn it and write a new one again and again.

Enjoy every moment you live; learn from the past, stop letting it hunts you; plan for the future and don’t let it hunts you; live, laugh, cry, enjoy, smile, be happy, be sad and be grateful for every moment because you’re human and today is the God’s present to you and me and all of us.

Than you all for reading and celebrate the Fall, enjoy it and don’t forget to be happy; love you all, till the next time be happy and be well. ❤ ❤ ❤


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