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Hello, Everyone; how’s everything? Hope all good ❤ I already miss you all; today’s will be different; I’ll write about women, about power, and dreams.

So grab your coffee and if you’re a tea person, grab your tea and come with us; let’s go and talk a little about the story of women.

I don’t know if I should write a one story of one idol; or should tell stories in women who believed that they can and they did it; there’s a lot of women in the that huge world out there that need to tell their stories and give them the voice to talk for themselves.

You’ll see the women who fight the sickness, who fight the poorness, who fight the violence, who fight for their freedom, women who fight because they believe they can achieve their dreams.

So, if I tell one story, this won’t be fair; I never believed that we should put women and men in the same equation because both have their roles in the life, but I also believe that women can do whatever they want and men should not keep saying we can and we won’t achieve this or that.

Women can do a lot, there’s a wonderful quote:

Women are always saying, ‘We can do anything that men can do.’ But men should be saying, ‘We can do anything that women can do.’

Gloria Steinem

I agree with this a lot; why women always say this! you should not prove to anyone that you can do what men can do; you can do so do it without saying it; yes, you can and you will; never stop believing that you can do anything or that you can’t achieve your goals…

Another quote for Oprah Winfrey that I believe it summarizes everything in a simple words:

Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom.

My dear lady out there, stop saying I feel pain, stop complaining about it and start turning it into a masterpiece; turn it to an art, to a story to motivate people.

I said it before there’s a lot of stories; I really want to tell about and if it was in my hand I would write all of the stories about women and how powerful they are.

I’ll talk about several stories that inspires me a lot, but those stories I’ll write now, I won’t write them like you read about them before or as many wrote them; I’ll write the lessons that they taught me even that they don’t know me. ^_^

Eat, pray, and love:

Elizabeth Gilbert

Who doesn’t know her; the famous author; and if you don’t know her yet, then let me tell you about this amazing lady.

I once took a master class for her; it was a class she gave in Calm; calm is a meditation app and they have sleeping stories, music and classes.

She said something that saved in my mind; she was talking about her life before being that famous author of “Eat, Pray, and love” and she said something about a woman she knew at that time and that woman was so successful and once she met that woman and told her about her dream to be a writer, Elizabeth worked in many jobs; she said to that woman she can’t find time to write; then the woman asked her:

“What are you doing in your free time?”

Elizabeth said that she can’t find a free time because she works here and there, then the woman asked the same question again; Elizabeth at that summer was going with her friends to a vacation and the woman told her; you’ve free time to watch a show or a movie or read a magazine or going with your friends to a vacation; don’t say you don’t have time to write because you have time.

From then Elizabeth started sacrificing vacations and all of that to write; until she became who we know now as the famous Elizabeth Gilbert.

When I heard this part of her story, I realized that we can do it, yes, we will sacrifice something in return, but we will achieve what people kept saying that this is “Impossible”.

Then one day I heard a podcast calls “the quote of the day” I love that podcast and it was a quote said:

“Your home is whatever in this world you love more than you love yourself.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert

Another lesson, it’s all about believing in ourselves and believe that we can do this and we will, if we love it so much, love it more that ourselves; we will achieve it and it’ll be our home.

When I saw the movie ‘eat, pray and love’ I was amazed and totally loved every pit of it, I didn’t read the book till now, but it’s on my list; (I’ve huge book list believe me 😀 😀 ) anyway, this story about woman who searches for herself, for the meaning of her life until she found it; why not us go and take this journey to find ourselves? why not fight whatever faces us to make our dreams come true?! If you think about it, you’ll find that nothing can stop us…

Sexually abused, but never stopped fighting:

Oprah Winfrey

She faced a lot in her life, but you’ll always see her smiling; is she the only woman who faced sexually abuse? No, she’s not the only and women still face this everyday, kids or girls or adults they face it at every age.

When I wrote her quote above, I thought about it a lot; turn the wounds, the pain into lessons to learn it and wisdom to walk in this life and fight for ourselves; she doesn’t just say some words; she did that and still does it; she turned years of pain into strength and taking the risks to run and live in a world full of many people like who were sexually abusing her.

She ran to save herself and didn’t say I can’t, I’m a girl or I’m weak; no, she just did it and became who we know now; Oprah the idol to many of us if not all of us; she became powerful and stronger because she believed in herself; she fought and achieved her dreams by turning her pain into wisdom…

I look at her and believe more that we can do whatever it takes to be who we want and live how we want.

The importance of our voices:

Malala Yousafzai

I raise up my voice—not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. … We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.

Malala Yousafzai

“I tell my story not because it is unique, but because it is the story of many girls.”

Malala Yousafzai

A girl spoke a loud on the behalf of the girls to give them their least rights to learn; then they shot her in the left side of her head.

She could give up after the pain she had been through, but she didn’t choose that quite life; she decided and determined on keep going to make the girls go to school and learn.

She kept fighting until she established ‘Malala Fund” with her father being her ally in this life.

Yeah, not all will be like her, some even will die; but still won’t stop because they believe they can and they are the heroes of the real life; they are the fighters; they are women…

Alone inside a class of 14 men:

Suhayr al-Qalamawi

Can I not write about my Egypt; my country that holds a lot of powerful women in its history? of course, no, I won’t end this article without writing about one at least form my idols in my home.

Suhayr, a girl in a class of 14 men; yeah, she was at the school of literature at Fuad I University in 1929, she became one the first women to graduate from the university.

She was also the 1st woman to earn the PHD for a study of the epic One Thousand and One Nights; she became professor of modern Arabic literature in 1956 and later became head of the department of Arabic language at Egypt’s leading university for nine years.

After that she became a journalist and writer; yeah, the first woman to go to university and be a professor also a journalist; she’s not an idol for me, she’s the symbol of power and strength. She’s one of the women who believed they can do it and they did it.

I can tell more stories about strong women like: Samira Moussa, First Egyptian Nuclear Researcher; Lutfia al-Nadi, First Female Pilot; Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a lawyer and jurist; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, an author; and a lot more; many names and many stories that this blog won’t be enough for me to tell about those great stories of powerful women; I’m not againist men; I’m against calling us women the weak sex or saying that we can’t or even raising your girls to be weak and wait for a man to save them; even Disney gives us stories of strong women like brave, frozen and so on…

Believe you can, go girl after what you want and be who you dream to be; get up and fight and never give up…

Thank you all for reading; this article for a wonderful day; the social justice day 2020 . It is launched by the United Nations to help to remove barriers that people face because of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability.

I’m happy to be one of this day and share something with many influencers and bloggers around the world.

Hope you like it, share and follow for more; till the next time, be happy and have a nice day or night wherever you’re in the world; love you all and don’t forget to smile, be happy, and learn to never give up…


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