Boost your Mood

Hello everyone; How are you? How’s everything? Hope you all well and safe. ❤

Today I’m coming to you with some tips and tricks to never feel bored at your home; are you ready? let’s grab our coffee and go; if your’re not a coffee person, it’s okay grab your favorite drink and come with us.

So we are at home, some working from home and some stay in home to be safe in the situation we all face all over the world; but is this bad? No, my dear, it’s not; let’s turn the bad into good and the boring into exciting; let’s turn the negative into positive and see the half full cup. 😉

I know it won’t be like a party out there with your friends or a PJ party or a girls night or even a simple family gathering; for someone like me doesn’t go out much I know how to enjoy myself, how to enjoy everything I do even if it’s simple and little thing.

That’s why I’m sharing my tips and tricks with you all; without any further ado, let’s go and see what I got for you. ❤ 😀

1- Practice new skill:

If you’re studying and off from your school or college; if you’re working and never have time to learn something new; if you never though about it before even if you free time; then maybe this is the time to think about learning something new, some new skill, or maybe get back to an old skill you left and didn’t practice for a long time.

You can learn skills like drawing, photography, writing, editing and many, many more; I love this website, it’s my favorite ever,; it’s easy and amazing and full of a lot of varieties you can choose from; if you didn’t try it, please, do it now and try it, it’s easy and you’ll have so many choices to choose whatever you like to learn.

Please, try it now with two months free and less than 10 dollars per month, try it free for two months through this link (Y) ❤ 🙂

2- Read a book:

I know what you’ll say, you hate reading or don’t find it exciting; okay let’s try this, go for novels you saw its movies or shows; or maybe go for something to spice up your imagination; or maybe Harry Potter, who doesn’t like it.

Reading doesn’t just improving your imagination, it improves your life, it’s the food your mind needs, if you like non-fiction books, please go for it; for me I like both; also if you don’t like books with real paper, go for Kindle or maybe you like to here it so why not trying Audible if you already don’t have it.

Also there’s one more thing I love to read at and it’s Wattpad. com; I love it, it has a lot of varieties you can choose what you like.

So, read, imagine and travel to another world 😉 ❤ and enjoy it; it’l change a lot with you. (Y)

3- Get back to your hobby:

Who doesn’t have a one hobby at least; if you draw or write or read or whatever it is; it’s the time to get back and practice your favorite hobby.

Go and open that sketch you left behind; or take those papers and write a poem or story; or even go and get out you Play station and play some football or any game you like.

It doesn’t matter what’s your hobby, all it matters is that this is a time to get back to it. Or maybe it’s the time to have a hobby to practice and love. 😀 ❤

4- Start a project:

It’s the time now to start the project you’ve been thinking about for a long time, like having a blog or making a new Instagram account to publish your work or maybe some TikTok for getting out your talents.

Or maybe getting back to an old blog you left and put some new ideas to refresh it; or edit some pics to publish it on Facebook and Instagram; or witting something on Twitter to motivate people and maybe that how you can help boosting your mood and theirs… 😉 ❤

5- Binge your favorite show or a new one:

Watch Friends all over again; or maybe binge a new show; watching something is almost everyone’s favorite; who doesn’t like to watch some Netflix or Prime Videos or Shahid at middle east.

Or maybe some website with free streaming; or YouTube; maybe watching your favorite Youtuber; or watching a movie; re-watch some old and vintage movies like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or “Grease” or anything you like to watch.

6- Listen to the music, podcast or audio books:

Again mentioning the audio books, if you can’t read or can’t absorb the idea; so why not listen to some audio books.

Also you can try the podcasts; it’s amazing; if you didn’t try it, go for it; it’ll change a lot in your life and you gonna learn some new things.

Or maybe listen to some music and dance a little; do a dance party at your home even if this means dancing alone 😀 Like what I do 😀 anyway, you can get out some old music that you have some memories about and remember the old beautiful memories.

7- Get close to your family:

Maybe this time is all about us and our families; getting close to them, talk to them and having some quality time with our families.

Watch something with them, play cards with them or just have a drink; for me it’s always coffee 😀 ❤ but if you drink wine it’s okay, if tea why not it’s good specially some herbs that’s something healthy. 😀

Or just go and sit with them, have some talk and get close to them.

8- Cook a new recipe:

You love to cook, good (Y) so why not trying a new recipe; you can’t cook; it’s the time to learn to cook and try new things.

If you’re alone it’ll boost your mood and make you learn how to cook; if you are with family or your lover, do it together; this will change the relation and the sharing and caring idea between you both; also it’ll give you more time together. 😀 ❤

It’s so easy now to find many things to learn from how to cook and many Delicious recipes out there waiting for you to taste it. 😉 ❤

9- Begin writing a journal:

It’s the time to thinking about writing a journal or a diary; it’s a different experience, it makes you getting out you feelings, you anger; the stories you have in mind; maybe the dialogues you say to others on your mind.

If you already doing this, go more for it; every time you feel something write it down; you see something, memorize it; and if you left writing for a while, why not getting back to it. (Y)

10- Be healthy:

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

The last but not the least; move your butt babe 😀 okay this is for me as it for you to remind myself and all of you that even if you’re at your home we should move and keep our movement.

Not just for who wants to lose weight as myself; but also for people who wants to be healthy and fit; if you already working out and it’s a part of your daily routine that’s amazing keep doing it.

But if you someone like me don’t like working out and like being lazy 😀 so let’s change this and have this time to move more, workout at our homes and change our negative habits into positive ones.

Maybe you like Yoga and want to do it, you’ll find at YouTube many videos to teach you or maybe some apps on your phone to help you out; maybe you want to some workouts to lose weight; things never been easy as now days; we have smart phones full of many apps can help us reach our goals and YouTube is here; some websites with programs that fit each and everyone; so we don’t have any excuses not to do it… 😀

And We came to the end, thank you all for reading this and having some time for me; love you all so much ❤ till the next time be happy, be safe and always smile and never give up ❤ 😉 Love you ❤ ❤ XO XO

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