The Daily Brew #6

Hello Everyone; How are you? How’s life at home? I know it’s hard and you feel bored; I won’t lie, me too even that I’m used to work from home, but now there’s no work and nothing.

But That’s not mean we give up or surrender to this situation everyone live in it all over the world; so I know I’ve been away for awhile and I wanted today to write to you and be with you.

So without any further ado, let’s grab our coffee or any drink you want and come with us to chat a little; today I’m drinking water; I already finished my coffee 😀 😀 anyway let’s go….

I know being at home isn’t easy; isn’t fun and I wrote something about things to do at home; still many of us if not all of us all around the world feel like prisoners and we can’t adjust with this situation; I truly understand that feeling…

But please, we all need to stay home, stay safe; we need to empower each other to be brave to fight this and end it; I feel it’ll end and soon everything will be back and be good, maybe it’ll be better that before; while this happen we all need to do our part to keep our community safe and our families safe and us too; we want to be safe too; no one wants to be unsafe only because we are bored.

Being at home isn’t fun, but still we can make it fun; remember when your mother or father or grandparents tells you about their youth and what they were doing, like reading books or listening to the music or dance at home and those stuff.

All what we need is to relax a little bit, we need to stop running and take a rest; we need some breath; this might be the right moment to do this; take a bath, meditate, read, practice you hobby, learn that language you wanted to learn for a long time, do some workout at home; there’s a lot to while you’re at home, specially now in our days we have everything, we have internet to do a lot of things, like learning a new skill or read or watch a movie or even chat with friends…

You’re not alone, we are all at the same situation; need to talk, please write to me if you want, live a comment and we can chat, or visit my Instagram and DM me ( @nourhan_m_sabek ) or talk to a friend or find someone to help you online; maybe you need to just write it down or go watch a movie or a show; there’s a lot to do.

I feel bored too and understand it’s difficult time, but being rebellious won’t get you anywhere; take this time to pause, to reset, to check your life, to be close to your family, friends and even yourself; take this time to stop rushing everything and calm down.

Take that bath and relax, close your eyes and have some calmness; I know it’s difficult, but believe me you can do it; please, people stay at home and be safe….

Remember I’m here with you and we all need to support each other; stay home, stay safe and stay positive; all of this will end and will pass and we’ll back to our lives, our dreams; make from this time something positive and something to improve yourself.

Thank You all for having time to read this little post; hope you’ll be safe and well; love you all and till the next time, be safe, happy, and positive ❤ Love you all ❤ XO XO

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