The Daily Brew #14

Hello everyone; how’re you? How’s everything and how’s life with you all? today will be our daily brew chat; I already missed our daily brew coffee talk. ❤

So let’s grab our coffee and drink while we talk a little; if you don’t like coffee, have a beautiful cup of tea or herbs or maybe some cold drink or you might be in a mood for a beer or a glass of wine; grab your drink and let’s have our daily brew talk…

The last few months, after the Corona or Covid-19, after we all stayed at home; I couldn’t have a power to do anything; to be honest I lost my power to fight and fell down; I left my diet, I left writing, I stopped photography, I stopped doing everything and put myself inside a jail I built to myself inside me.

I lost hope and fell apart, I lost myself within everything that happened; yeah I tried and wrote couple of times but not more, I even tried to back to photography, but sometimes I felt so weak to fight.

I felt that nothing is coming from my fight and nothing happen to show me that I’m in the right path, I sit everyday doing the same thing literally everyday; Then I gained weight again and the views in my blog became down and low again, my followers on Instagram follow me and next day unfollow me; October came and suddenly remembered the leaves of the Fall.

It falls to leave a place to the new leaves to flourish and fill the world with its beauty; so how can we be always strong? why we expect to be always good, fine and strong; we are humans, it’s normal and natural to fall down, to get tired, to fail and cry; it’s normal to say “I’m just tired and need a break…”

It’s normal to sleep a while, what’s not normal is to give up and lose hope; maybe that’s why I love Autumn because it shows us the beauty of taking a break and falling down; all of it to just grown up again and flourish like the legendary bird called ‘phoenix’, after burning itself, it rises from its ashes and renewed youth to live again; it’s a legend but it’s how Allah (God) made us, to burn and rises from our ashes.

To live again after a sleep, to rise and renew from our pains; so how can we give up hope and give up dreaming while everything in this world tells us to stay strong and to fight; yeah, take a break, but never give up.

I fell down, I fell apart, but I rose again, I flourish from my ashes and my pain; that’s each and everyone of us, we all live to dream, to fall, fail and then get up again and fight again and again until we make it; until we success.

I might been away for so long, but I never gave up on my dreams and passions; you might been tired for so long, but never give up on your dreams, never ever…

I wanted to write this to you and share a something from my life with you; I wanted to talk and show you that we all are humans, we fall, we break, we feel pain, we cry, we burn and then we rise again….

Love you all and thank you for talking a time to read this, thanks for being here with me; love you all and till the next time, smile, be happy and live your life and never give up… ❤ ❤ XO XO


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  1. Uma says:

    Beautiful post. Sometimes we forget that we need to rest and care from time to time. Struggles are always there. What matters is how we overcome them. Thanks for this motivating write up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy you liked it and thank you so much for your comment ❤


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