Hello everyone; how are you? How’s life so far and how are you handling 2020? I miss you all; I was away for a while because my eyes hurt a little and I should not use the laptop or mobile phone a lot, but as I promised you all to get back and here I’m trying to give the best…

I love to be with you, chat with you and give you ideas, thoughts and some daily brew. 😀 😉

So come with me and grab your coffee to have a relaxation date; if you’re not in a mood of coffee, tea is perfect or herbs or some wine if you drink; for me always coffee and sometimes I love tea and herbs, I won’t deny that.

Without any further ado let’s go and let’s unwind after a long day; attention please this isn’t just for women, this for men too; here everything I write for everyone and each one.

Thursday or Friday or any day in the week, going home after a long day at work, or have some work from home, or clean the house and cook some food, or have a day at college or school, or just a long day with friends after so long not meeting them; a long day or work or study.

Those days we need to unwind after, those days that make us feel like we are so old and need some relax and calm time; days we need sometime to take care of ourselves and deep breath to get out the toxic of the life…

That time when you go and sit inside the bathtub and feel the water over your body and finally feel like throwing everting out of your body and your mind; that time when you unwind and start taking care of yourself.

It doesn’t have to be fancy like we see in movies or shows; all what you have to do is to give yourself some time and take a good care of yourself; go and fill that bathtub with water and put some shower gel or some salt, maybe a bath boom or some flower leaves you bought today, maybe some orange or lemon slices; it doesn’t have to be fancy to enjoy it and feel good about it.

Maybe all what you have to do it to take a shower with your favorite scented shower gel and burn some candles; listen to your favorite music and songs; do some mediation or yoga to relax your bones; watch a couple of episodes from a show you love or a movie you put in your watching list.

To Unwind isn’t to be fancy and rich; it’s to be you and make what makes you calm and relaxed; what makes you feel peace within yourself; to do what you love; it’s about the scent you love to smell, the food you craving, the perfume you love to put, the flowers you love to have, the book you love to read everyday, the fresh air you love to have after that long day.

It’s about you and what you love; do what makes you relax, unwind after a long day and free your body, mind, heart and soul from all the toxic you have and hold over your shoulders; free yourself from the daily life routine and live some moments for yourself…

Take care of yourself, love yourself and remember that you deserve the best, remember that from time to time our bodies, souls, minds and hearts need love and care.

Here are some ideas from my previous posts; if you love to dig deep and soon I’ll write more about that lifestyle ❤ 😉



Thank you so much for taking some time to read this and be with me tonight; wherever you’re in the world I love you all and lots of kisses to you, till the next time take a good care of yourself and be happy, never stop smiling even when you face your problems; see you next time my lovelies. ❤ ❤ XO XO


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