The postponed dreams

Hello everyone; I miss you all; how’s everything and how’s your life going so far? this year has been a lot on us all and all of us have things stopped and paused…

Let’s grab our coffee and chat a little; if your mood not in coffee; grab your favorite drink and come with me on a date to talk and have a beautiful night together.. ❤ ❤

All of us have dreams, goals and plans we couldn’t make it this year; does it really stopped forever? Did we lose it? won’t it be complete? Can’t we get back to it and achieve it?

Nothing finished forever or stopped forever! I know it was a difficult year and most of us lost a lot of time, money and energy; maybe also lost relationships; as humans we love to look at the empty side of the glass; we intend to look and concentrate at what we don’t have or lost!

We never look at what we have, we never look at those things and those people we take for granted; things and people we think we’ll never lose; but is it true? If we just take a second and look around us, we’ll find a lot of things that more important than what we lost already…

You didn’t lost your dreams, you lost your faith; you didn’t lose a person, he/she chose to go or maybe it was a choice from both sides; you didn’t lost time; it actually paused to remind us to slow down; to stop for a moment and be grateful for what we have; to stop and take a deep breath; it stopped to remind us of who we are; humans, vulnerable, need time to rest, need to breath and need to have time to ourselves.

We are humans, make mistakes, not always on the right way; whatever advanced science and technology we have now days; we still face viruses, new things to learn and new discoveries; still a lot in this world to learn until the judgment day come….

So Did we lost our dreams, plans and goals? No

We didn’t, we just paused the life, and all what you have to do is to get your faith back, to believe that one day we are going to back to fight and work hard for our dreams and to achieve those postponed plans and goals and dreams….

I believe this, the world will come back, the life will go on, and we will make those dreams come true, those plans come alive and those goals be here as a fact that we still alive.

Don’t lose hope and faith because I think without them we aren’t alive, we aren’t just bodied eat, sleep and work; we are humans because we have heart to love, soul to have faith, mind to think and plan…

Thank you all to have a time for me and reading this, love you all; till the next time, be happy, never stop believing; never stop smiling and remember I’m here with you ❤ love you all ❤ XO XO ❤


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