The Daily Brew #15

Hello, everyone; how are you all? How’s life so far, and how’s everything going with you? I know I fell off the track and didn’t write to you for so long, but that’s not meaning that I’ll give up or forgot my dreams and passion…

Let me welcome you in another Daily Brew coffee date; so if you’re addicted to coffee like me in this beautiful winter season let’s have a date; if you don’t like coffee or not in the mood for it, a cup of tea is always a good idea or maybe a hot chocolate or wine if you are into Alcohol; without any further ado let me take you to date and chat a little…

Some think that life is a huge race, if you can’t run fast, you’ll lose; others think that life is a game you play it dirty, you’ll win it; but not any of this is true; it’s not a race and let me rephrase it; if it is a race, who are you racing with? yourself? your family? your friends? your enemies? or your illusions? if it is a game! who are you playing against?!

It’s not a race nor a game; it’s a huge school, divided into small lessons; every day there will be a new lesson to learn.

Life gives you a lesson every day, some are easy to learn, some are difficult enough that you’ll think that you lost, but it’s all about learning or win, never lose because baby, losing means giving up everything.

Losing is giving up on your dreams, giving up your passion, giving up everything you’ve been working on… Learning is to stop, take a deep breath, and maybe take a few steps back to look at the bigger picture and realize what have you been missing?! Learning is about to take a break, learn from all the experiences you had in the past; learning is about fall, break and get up stronger to fight again for your rights, your dreams, and your passion.

Learning is the chance you have to win the life you want.

To win, to success, to get what you want means to learn and work hard, not to race or play dirty, not to be dishonest or liar; that’s not mean you won’t meet people like that in your life and will do their best to stop you, destroy you or prevent you by any way to never get what you want; but we always forget that it’s our mistake too, we let those people in our lives, we give them the access to hurt us and the permission to stop us from getting what we want!

I fell many times and I know I’ll fall again; I fell when I gained weight twice; lose it and gain it again; I fell when People unfollow me on Instagram and Facebook because I had some days off from the social media; I fell and hurt my leg that gave me pain and I fell in many ways, but who never falls? who never feels pain and hurt? We all do in some way or another; but every time we fall, we get up stronger, we learn to stand and get back to our dreams to make it comes true.

If you won’t learn, if you stopped learning, if you gave up that means you’ll lose everything and maybe lose it when you’re so close to achieving it; can you risk that?!

Thank you all for being amazing followers and amazing readers; thanks for being here for me; if it’s your first time welcome to the family and if you’re from the family I appreciate you; love you all and hope to stay family and get bigger and bigger. Till the next time enjoy and never stop being positive and never stop smiling; love you. ❤ ❤ ❤ XO XO


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