The Daily Brew #16

Hello Everyone; how are you all? how’s your life? How’s everything? Did you enjoy the Christmas?

Bring your coffee or any drink you prefer and let’s have a date and talk a little; today’s daily brew is about you and me; about kindness and love; about the crisis we have and the future we don’t know…

What happens in the whole world now days is difficult and things are changing; the corona virus and everything happens in each life; life is telling us that I’m not predictable; I’m changing and no one can know what will happen tomorrow or the next minute..

You fall, you fail, but that’s not permanent; you laugh, you success; but also that’s not permanent; everything change, so why to think about the empty half of the glass? why to be negative? why can’t we see that this tough time might have some good surprises afterward?!

Why can’t we believe that we can pass this time and be better than before? Sometimes we don’t see that every crisis, every problem, every issue we have might make us stronger or makes us better or wiser or maybe all!

Sometimes we just see the empty half of the glass and not see what we already have, the love we have, the little things we enjoy like that cup of coffee or that Christmas tree we decorate or that family we live with; anything even if it’s a tiny thing, but it makes you happy.

We forget the hobbies we love because we are running after life, so when that virus came, it somehow made us see things differently; it slowed down the pace of the life, made us see things we weren’t see before; made us stop and think of what we already have and what we want and what we dream about!

It’s a hard time, but what can make it better, if not to be kind, or to give love and stop worrying about what will happen, we don’t know the future, not the next second even; stop thinking that nothing will be good again; no actually everything will be better, at least that what I believe; I don’t know is 2021 will be better, but I know every breath I have, ever heart beat, every time I woke up that means a new chance and a new day; so why can’t we be kind to each other through this time? give love and spread it to make that difficult time be easy on us to live through it.

Kindness isn’t that difficult to have and love isn’t hard to give, all what you have to do, love yourself first and be kind to yourself then love will come out like the air we have; stop worrying and live that moment, that minute like it’s the last moment; live, love and share; don’t think negative because believing that everything will be better at the end…

Thank you all for being here with me, who followed me and who just pass and read; thanks for your time, your love; till the next time don’t stop smiling and live the life you want; be happy and always be kind and give love; love you all ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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