Favorite Indian Tv Shows

Hello everyone; Did you miss me as I missed you all? I miss our talk and chat; how’s your 2021 goes so far? did you made a plan for this year, some resolutions and goals to achieve? or you still a little bit down because of 2020 affection on you? For me 2020 don’t want to leave me yet; a broken bone in my foot, all day in the bed and a little bit depressed, but I decided to wake up and start doing what I love and be here with you all…

I miss you all; hope you are all safe, healthy and well; So what are we going to talk about today? it’s obvious from the headline; you might read things like that before or you might never watched Indian Tv shows before or you don’t like them, but let me take you to a joyful simple trip to the world of long running shows and web-series in a different culture and actually a so interesting one.

India, we all know India; one of the famous countries with culture and history; also famous with Bollywood and Tv shows; it’s from the most famous countries that makes a long running shows; yeah, shows that can reach 1000 of episodes. 😀

India is one of my favorites, as a country, a culture, language and Filmmaking; since I was a a little girl and began watching tv and cinema; I watched the first Indian movie for my favorite ever Shah Rukh Khan Sir; and it was “Koyla”, also I watched “Amar, Akbar, Anthony”. those were the 1st Indian movies I watched.

Then I loved how they are different and loved their film industry; then I knew that I love movies, filmmaking and different cultures and languages, but I never tried to watch an Indian TV show? I always hate those long running shows and so many episodes and so many twists and plots that never ends 😀 so I didn’t try to watch it.

Then in 2015, I watched an episode of a show called “Iss Pyar ko kya naam doon?” n English means “What should I call this love?” so after that episode I decided, ok, why not try something new and watch it; so without any further ado, let me take you through my favorites of old and new shows; let me tell you some stories over some coffee or wherever drink you prefer; take it and come join me. ❤ 😉

The Indian shows are famous with main trends and you’ll always see in their shows:

  • the heroine always falls so the hero catches her 😀
  • the long lasting eyes connection
  • The Intimate scenes, yet not like Hollywood or American Shows, no lip locking…
  • the drink scene; at least once the both main characters be drunk to tell all their feeling without ego…
  • The hate and love, both are two faces for the same coin 😉
  • The accidents that always happen for a reason and this reason of course make the hero and heroine close to each other ❤ 😀
  • Her shawl always stick on him, his watch, his ring; whatever he wears, the shawl will find a way to make them tied 😀
  • The hero always angry, rich, never believed in love; the heroine is the opposite, funny and simple and believes in love..

Iss Pyar Ko Kya naam doon?

Barun Sobti and Sanya Irani

This is the first show I ever watched and it actually aired 6 June 2011, ended 30 November 2012; I watched it in 2015; so what I did literally binging the show all online; I even watched some of it without translation; I can a little bit understand Indian language because I watch a lot of movies and shows; but I still can’t speak it or read it. 😀

This show was one of the famous and favorite for many people, not just me; The storyline, the chemistry between Baron Sobti AKA Arnav Singh Raizada the main male protagonist and Sanaya Irani AKA Kushi Kumari Gupta the main female protagonist.

Back to this amazing show, the show tells us a story about a famous business man in fashion industry Arnav and he’s angry young man with passion for his work, never believed in love; until he met the young, funny and simple girl calls Kushi; that will make him fall in love with her madly and be a different man…

I won’t tell much of the story; I want you to find it out, if you didn’t watch it before, go and watch it; you might enjoy it and be your favorite. 😉 ❤

Madhubala, Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Vivan Desena and Drashti Dhami

That was the 2nd show I watched after Iss pyar ko kya naam doon; and I loved it; it’s a story a bout a girl born in a fil studio and a famous actor who met each other by accident; that accident that happened because Rk aka Vivan Desena was drunk and hit Madhubala’s lover; so she decided to tell the police and take actions, but Rk was powerful and famous, so he made his ways to take his revenge from her.

Then you’ll see the journey turned from hate, revenge to love and madness; it’s amazing and the chemistry was wonderful between Drashti and Vivan; they are from the on screen couples that won’t be forgotten ever and maybe from the favorites too..

From the cons in this Show was the leap, the death of Madhu and Rk; then after the leap we will see their daughter with the same name Madhubala; who’ll fall in live with a man who looks like her father RK; so I won’t tell you a lot, please, go and watch it; it’s an amazing show and a really good storyline…


Sanaya Irani and Ashish Sharma

The story sets in Rajasthan; a village simple girl, calls Parvati, was going to marry a man, not from her choice, it was from the choice of their king, the villagers trust that king so much and love him and his wife; but the truth is that man was bad and sell girls and smuggle weapons across the border during the wedding procession.

In the other side we see Rudra, the police man, the brave man who wants to save those girls and prevent that king from smuggling weapons; so he stopped Parvati’s marriage and took her as a witness to arrest Raja Tejawat; through the story we will see the love comes between Paro and Rudra…

I liked the story so much, but here I will tell some cons which was the leap and the death of Parvati; then another a look like character that similar to Paro but different in culture and in her personality; In my opinion, there was many ways to stay with Paro’s character; but for all the show was amazing and the chemistry was fantastic between Sanaya and Ashish. ❤


Nakul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna

I won’t tell the story of this show; but I loved it from the first episode; I loved the shooting technique and the acting skills of each and everyone of the cast; I loved the brothers relationship, the relationship between Surbhi’s character Anika and Nakul’s character Shivaay; the love between them, the chemistry; even the hate and as Indians say the nok jok between them. 😀 ❤

But what I hated most was the twist that happened that made an alternative timeline; that makes you go back by time and change a little bit in some scenes and see how Shivaay and Anika will meet and love each other all over again; I didn’t love it so much, yet it wasn’t bad but not the best twist..

Also the leap that happened and the death of Shivaay and Anika to give the lead rule to their son who is also acted by Nakul Mehta with a different actress in front of him; I didn’t like that too, in my opinion it wasn’t necessary….

You should watch it and judge it by yourself; you’ll like the three brothers, Rudra, Shivaay and Omkara; the relation between them was amazing and well written; the love relation for each of them was amazing and hopefully you’ll love. ❤

Kundali Bhagya

Dheeraj Dhoopra and Shraddha Arya

Kundali Bhagya from the show that literally long running ones; I didn’t watch it since its beginning; it bgean in 2017; I began watching it in late December 2020, 😀 yeah, after 3 years :D, that’s because I was hesitating to watch it or not!

But I decided why not watching it and see why people love it so much and love the actors in it; I didn’t like it much at the beginning, but after Shraddha’s character the famous Preeta met The Karan Luthra aka Dheeraj Dhoopra; a famous cricketer and from a rich Luthras family.

At the first the main protagonists didn’t like each other, then by time they developed friendship and different relationship than the normal love we see in the other shows; from friendship to love to marriage; a story fill with a lot of nok jok funny fights and love; you’ll see the relation between Luthra’s brothers Rishab, Karan and Sameer and Arora’s sister Preeta and Srishti.

The love, the friendship will make you fall in love with them more and more; I loved every detail about Preeta and Karan’s relation; but there are some cons that made in twists and plots to make the show keep running and those cons are the bad or we can call the evils in the show who are Sherlyn, Mahira, Rithvi, and Akshay!!

You may ask now who are they and why am I saying that they are the cons? because they are the evils; from Sherlyn to the last but not the least Akshay, every time Preeat tries her best to tell everyone in the Luthras that those people are bad and evil she fails and became the wrong one.

Every time she tries her best to have a prove to her words, she fails and that actually not good every time in the show, it became boring, and I agree you want to keep the show running, but not always show the audience that the good people are wrong and the bad people can get their ways out always and forever! Are you waiting for the last episode to end at least one or two from that bad characters; every time Preeta fails isn’t that good to watch always; every time a misunderstand happens between Preeta and Karan isn’t that good and makes the show looks boring.

Still I love it and watch it because I hate to leave something from the middle and want to see what will happen next and how the relation of love and trust will go between Karan and Preeta…

My advice for you to watch it and share your opinion about it; like everything else there are some cons and some pros and that show is amazing but please the makers of the show at least show us that Preeta can prove and success to show the real face of Akshay who wants to marry Kritika they youngest Luthra’s sister for her money….

If you decided to watch it, you’ll like Dheeraj’s character TKL 😀 ❤ and Shraddha’s character Preeta and the chemistry between them, their nok jok, funny moments, their friendship and their love and madness ❤

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega

Nishant Singh Malkani and Kanika Mann

Come to another favorite of mine, btw this pic isn’t the poster of the show, but I adore this image of them both; hot, isn’t it? D 😉 ❤

This show began in 2018 and will finish soon this year; I love that show from the first time Kanika’s character aka Guddan called Nishant’s Character aka AJ or Akshat Jindal

“Oye, Uncle” yes, she called him uncle in the show, as the show tells us a story of the youngest Indian Mother in law; a different story with a meaningful relationships and love; it’s a bout a girl calls Guddan played by Kanika Mann; a girl that does everything good in a disaster ways; she’s simple, yet amazing and brave gil who faces a lot through her life.

She marries Akshat Jindal played by Nishant Singh Malkani; a famous, rich and widowed chef; an angry man that raised 3 sons, not his sons, his brother’s sons and has three daughters in law who try hard to find him a woman to marry him and be their mother in law; here we will see the journey of Guddan from saying she can’t do anything to be able to do a lot for her love, her family and her relations.

A love story will make your heart beats fast and will thrill you; I love everything about this show, I love how Kanika played Guddan and the shades of AJ from that angry man to the lover to the protective to the mad lover and every shade has its own glam, Nishant was amazing, I can’t even find another word for him to explain his brilliant act as AJ; loving the chemistry between them on screen and the friendship between them off screen 😀 ❤

One thing I didn’t like much was the leap and that Nishant wasn’t there after the leap..

Please, go and watch it, if you didn’t watch it yet and enjoy ❤

Thank you all for having time for me and reading this post; love you all, hopefully you’ll try new things and watch those amazing shows; stay safe, smile and always be happy, enjoy the little things in life and till the next time love you all and thanks for always be here with me, supporting me and my blog.

Love you and see you next time over another cup of coffee and another talk ❤ ❤ ❤

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