The Daily Brew #18 (it’s okay to fail)

Hello everyone; how are you? How’s everything with you all? How’s the life going so far?

I know, I always go away and disappear 😀 suddenly come out of nowhere; yeah, I know that’s not good, right? but aren’t we all fall sometimes?

Fail sometimes? Cry, have depression sometimes? aren’t we all thinking of giving up? aren’t we all have those moments of “f**k off”?

Yeah, those times we don’t care and just let it go! those times the shit we need to finish and get done are more than the enjoyable success….

Everyone speaks about “get shit done”, “be productive”, “Work hard”, “Never give up”, even I talked about all of that and I think I’ll always talk about it; but I’ll talk about failure and falling apart…

It’s a part of us, a part of being humans, to fall down and fail, please, if you know someone never failed, introduce him or her to us; who in this world never failed, even prophets, Who Allah (God) sent them to us, they failed, but never gave up; that’s how they succeeded.

That’s how we learn, we fail to learn, we fail, to success, we fail to achieve, we fail to be stars; can’t you get it, stars fall, stars come out in the dark night to shine; the sun comes to the cloudy sky to warm and shine; but it also burns…

That’s life, it’s unpredictable, full of ups and downs; full of surprises; gives us shocking turns and all to teach us that it’s okay to fail, but not okay to give up; it’s okay to fall, but not to let go; it’s okay to cry, but not to forget the dream; it’s okay to fail, to fall, to cry and not to get your shit done for some time because we are humans we make mistakes and do some wrong, we make some disaster decision, we take drastic choices that can change our lives and make it down up…

I fail everyday; I cry each night, I fall down and I’m so angry, but next day I wake up and begin again; another day another chance, another page to fill it with my failure and with my life lessons so I can one day open that book and remember not to give up; not to let go of my dreams.

That when I success I’ll thank my mistakes, my lessons…

Thank you all for being here, for having time to read this and for supporting me; thanks for the new followers and the old ones; you’re all my favorites; till the next time smile even in the difficult times, enjoy those little things and never give up; love you all who is here with me and who passes by ❤ ❤ ❤


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  1. embraceinthechaos says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. We all fail. It’s human, but we are ashamed to talk about it. I feel like if we all started to share about our failures, we would all feel a little less lonely. Keep writing and sharing!


    1. indeed, it takes courage to admit that we fail and it’s okay and normal; if we just tell our stories and share it we might connect and understand the lessons behind our mistakes; thank you so much for liking it and for this amazing comment ❤


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