Change in 25 days

Hello everyone; how are you all? how’s the winter and December? so it’s the Holiday season; it’s the last month of the year; another year full of crises and pandemics and personal issues and problems.

Another year fighting for your dreams and the life you wish for; another year of lost and found; another year of love, breakups, and complicated relationships.

2021 soon will finish and another year will replace it; soon you will sit down and write the next year’s resolutions and goals; soon you’ll open your bullet journal and start January planning, but what if we can start now?

What if we can start changing for next year form now? what if we can start changing our lives now? what if we just need 25 days to change?

If a second can change a lot and turn our lives ups and downs! If a second can change everything you thought it was guaranteed! If a second can turn change you! what about 60 seconds or 24 hours or 25 days?

Yes, 25 days can change a lot, 25 days can change your life and mine; 25 days can change our point of view and perspectives; 25 days can change us…

Why are we always wait for the beginning of every year or every month or every week or even every day to begin? why can’t we change that rule and start now? start this moment and begin changing and work hard for the life you dream about.

Why can’t we work on our resolutions now and start achieving our goals now? why we wait? if we can just sit down, take a paper and pen and write down all our dreams, goals, and resolutions and then start putting a plan to achieve them…

It’s never been easy for me to stick to the plan I make every year, not easy to stick to my to-do lists, not easy and always fall apart; but I never gave up and every year I start again; this year, this month I thought about starting now better than later.

Starting from the moment I’m living now because let’s be honest, who knows what will happen tomorrow or even the next second?

Starting now and changing what I want to build my life as I want it to be; yes, why not? we can start now and change our lives…

Stop waiting for tomorrow, or for the next week or for the next year or next month; stop waiting and start now; stop wasting time and begin now.

Start changing, maybe that will make you achieve your dreams sooner than later…

Thank you so much for being here and having time to read this post; thanks for following me and supporting me; thanks for passing by and reading this; thank you all and love you so much ❤ till the next time, be happy, smile, and enjoy the holiday season ❤ ❤ ❤


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