Ramadan Thoughts

Hello everyone; How are you all? Happy Ramadan everyone around the world; it’s one of my favorite months of the year; I miss you all.

So How’s your life? are you surviving life and its problems? For me it’s difficult, I won’t lie! but still living and surviving; let’s have a cup of coffee or any drink you prefer; and let’s go together inside my messy thoughts that I’ll share with you…

Life is a huge mess, a huge bubble of messed up situations and problems; I always ask what if everything goes easy?! yeah, I know it’ll not have any taste; that’s the main thing, our dreams are hard, but never impossible; our goals may delay and postpone, but never reach a dead end.

Our lives might seem disappointing and nothing good in it, but it’s not like that at all; my life now has a lot and all come to me to crash me down and sometimes I feel that I’ll give up and then suddenly I feel the rush inside my heart and my brain, I can’t give up and what if I gave up now and it would only a one step away from my dreams and goals??!

I’m an overthinker and that made my life so difficult; I try my best to stop thinking and let it be; the only time I let it be was when I was traveling; that time I was myself; I was happy and when covid took the world I had that time and lived through many levels of my life; 1st I tried to handle it and be strong, 2nd I fell apart and started feeling depression, 3rd I left everything and last, but not least I went ten steps back; like I’m losing myself…

Then I got it; It’s life, you’ll fall, you’ll fail, you’ll feel that this is the end; but it’s not, no not the end; it’s not your huge problem, not the beast level in the game of life; not the end of the world, and then you find out you’re still in the beginning; so if you’ll give up now, then you will never know if you kept going what would happen?!

I can’t live with those thoughts and regrets, and you can’t too; you can relax and pause, you can stop for a while and reorganize your life; yes, talk is always easy, but the action never been easy at all; I can relate.

Still, I’ll always say and do the same, never give up; it’s okay to feel tired and pause; it’s okay to cry and scream out everything bad you feel; it’s okay to sleep all day and not do anything, but never okay to give up, never let go of your dreams, and never stop forever…

It’s a huge mess, our minds, our lives, and our dreams; I can relate with you. Don’t give up and don’t let go; let’s move on, let’s keep going because the journey is what we enjoy more; we forget how to enjoy our lives in the ways we take to solve our problems and fix our mistakes; let’s get back and enjoy every step…

Thank you all for being here with me; for supporting me and following me; thanks for passing by and have time to read this messy piece ❤ love you all ❤ till the next time stay safe and smile always and never give up. ❤ ❤ XO XO


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