Hello Fall 2022

Hello everyone, how are you? I miss you so much, and miss writing to you and myself; so, how’s October going with you all? and in your city/country is it Fall yet? or like me here in Egypt still somehow hot 😀

Let’s begin this with a cup of coffee, or Iced coffee or tea, or whatever drink you prefer, and go together on a journey full of fallen leaves, sweaters, and Autumn mood…

It’s been a lot for me since the last time I wrote here, actually, it’s been a lot for me in writing in general, you know that time when you feel stuck somewhere inside yourself and inside your head? You know that feeling of losing your grip and not being able to do anything, nothing, empty…

That is what I feel, I feel stuck inside myself, inside my thoughts, and my anger of everything around me; I feel like losing myself in this storm and if I didn’t find myself, I’ll be completely lost!

Sometimes, you do things like go somewhere you love, travel, take a walk, or talk to some friend or therapist, but what if you did all that and still feel lost? What if you still can’t go outside and help yourself? that exactly I felt and still somehow feel it, that if I didn’t move or do anything to get out, I’ll lose myself for a long time if not forever too!

And because today is a mental health day, I thought this post will fit for today, we all have our problems, daily we face things, and different situations that put us under stress and difficult mental positions; we face things at work, with our families, with our friends and in life in general! everything seems very fast and difficult for us and it’s like we are pushed somehow to try to fit in…

Such as Social media, which puts us under standards of beauty, wealth, lifestyle, and much more makes us feel so stressed and anxious.

Comparing our lives to others is hectic and gets us nowhere, comparing your life with social media or with a friend’s life or a member of your family or anyone, it’s like overthinking, all it does is make you feel tired, stuck, lost, and stops you from working to get the life that you dream about…

You have to be your number one priority because if you can’t take care of yourself and your mental health, you’ll not be able to take care of anyone else!

I know you read this a lot, it’s easy for everyone to advise you to help yourself or see a therapist, but is it easy to do? No, no one says it’s easy, but life isn’t easy and we are complex creatures, we have mental health, souls, hearts, and last but not least a body.

I got away from writing and everything I love when I feel stuck and my mental health isn’t easy, but after a long time, I realized that what I love is what makes me better, like reading, writing, photography, and traveling; about 3 months ago I traveled to a new city in Egypt, in the red sea, It’s was something new, and amazing experience; I’ll write about it in another time, but something clicked inside me, that I’m free when I’m away from home when I’m doing what I love the most, but also we need home from time to time to recharge and be able to get back to work hard.

You might love reading, you might love anything, don’t stay away from what you love, find a way to connect with your inner self, to connect to what you love that most, to your hobbies or to your loved ones; connect to pull yourself back before losing it completely!

I always say this: get lost to wonder to find yourself, but sometimes losing yourself in some situations isn’t a good thing; like feeling stuck as I said before…

Note to my dear self and my dear all: never give up on yourself, never stop believing, and remember you deserve all love and the best in the world ❤

Love you all, thank you, for all of you for staying here with me, encouraging me, and having time to read my posts, thank you and love you always and forever ❤ 😀 till the next time, stay safe and never stop smiling and never give up on yourself and your dreams.

XO XO ❤ See you next time ❤


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