The Daily Brew #25 (Weekend Out and About)

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.” 

– Nina Dobrev

Hello everyone, how are you doing? How’s life? It’s the weekend, isn’t it? 😀 it’s, and we all might have plans, or might not, but let’s do something different here and have some fun together…

Let’s grab our coffee, tea, or any drink you prefer and go together on a small trip to have fun and enjoy life a little bit.

We are in the seasons of festivals and holidays, seasons of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New year; we are in the seasons of Fall and Winter, do you remember the last time you did a snowman? or decorated for Halloween, or go out to buy some toy that reminds you of your childhood, or even get out something that has been there for so long back from your childhood?

Do you remember the last time you enjoyed a cup of coffee out? a small meal? or a walk? We grow up forgetting our nature and losing fun.

So, this time I’m here with you to get back to our childhood, to our fun nature, to find happiness in little things, and enjoy priceless things in life; let’s go together and enjoy that trip…

Go out, grab a cup of coffee, or take a cup of coffee you made in your home and go out, go on a walk, sit and listen to something you like, a podcast, some songs, or maybe a book; take a walk in a park if you have one in your city; or in street; go out and enjoy the sunlight, the fresh air; hot or cold, warm or chill, enjoy the weather however it is.

Go out, go to some carnival, or some market or Bazar, go out and play something or enjoy Halloween decoration; go out to a book store to see new books and old ones you read before and remember the time you enjoyed them, go out to some party or enjoy some kid game.

Just get up, wear something nice and comfortable, something you love, and go enjoy your life and remind yourself of your inner child, that child that needs to come out and enjoy every bit of life.

Yes, you have responsibilities, you have dreams to work hard to achieve, and you have the life you dream about, but maybe that life you dream about you can live step by step, and enjoy it from now on!

Life waits for us to enjoy it, to live it, let’s go out and enjoy those things that don’t need money to buy, love, friendship, relationships, family, fresh air, sun, breathing, living, and so on…

Be grateful, be thankful, enjoy and have some fun, love you all, and thanks for being here, and for having time for me and my blog; thank you all and till the next time, stay safe, go out and have some fun; love you ❤ ❤ XO XO


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