Favorite Indian Tv Shows

They are famous by long running shows, famous with the dance and performance of love and hate; famous with their culture and made their way through the heart of the world… … More Favorite Indian Tv Shows

The Daily Brew #4

Hello everyone; How are you all? How’s life so far? We are in Egypt having storms and rain all the day; so I’m stuck at home, but that’s not mean we can’t create some content. Oh, let’s grab something hot and warm for this weather; for me always coffee 😀 but if you don’t like … More The Daily Brew #4

The Christmas

Hello everyone; here I come again; how’s everything? so here we are, Christmas in the doors 😀 So, whoever you’re, wherever you’re in this huge world; I’m here with you, spreading love and happiness; wish you all a happy Christmas and be bright always and forever. What is our talk today? 😀 Grab your coffee … More The Christmas

Halloween Party

“Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, but it’s about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves.” Elvis Duran Hello everyone; Happy Halloween ❤ How’s your week so far? It’s already the Halloween; How are you all? How’s life? Today’s post is going to be about Halloween 😀 So, come with me into … More Halloween Party