Who Killed me? (3rd Episode: part 4)


-Now what lady Anu.

-Now the truth lets go.

-Mmm, okay…Like always I don’t understand

I laughed at him, and we drove to the police station to meet Mr. Richared, I asked for him, then went to his office we talked a little to organize everything.

I went to the theatre to wait for the audience and organized everything to begin the show, everyone I arrived, me and Nicholas wear other clothes for the show and ready to begin…

-Are you ready Nicholas?


-okay, good.

We went outside, everyone looked at us wonder what is going on, I said:

-Hello everyone, how’re you? Now I’ll show you something you’ll all like it, just wait, we all know that Mera and Adam died, we also know that they were in love and will get married, but unfortunately they died, but what if one really died and the other still alive? what if the magician had a hand on the murder? What if your sister in law had a hand on the murder too? all this questions have one answer and it is 1937 in New York in this theater that called Thantos which mean Death, but in Greek language, wired right?! But in the past its name wasn’t that, it’s name was referred to someone called Johns, He died in a mystery way like Mera and Adam, Someone poisoned by a poison after one hour will not remain in the body and if you test it you won’t find anything. and who killed him was the most one so close to him, his best friend Mark, who is he? He’s Mera’s Grandfather, and Johns is Adam’s grandfather, who loves Margret and married her, who both of them killed Mera by the same way her grandfather killed Johns….

Margret: How you say such a thing, Adam is dead, I buried him today.

I said: really?! And this is this coffin let’s open it together everyone.

I opened it, Nicholas helped me and we found other body, I said:

-it’s for someone else died for 4 days.

Margret cried out and said: lies.

Richard said: please Ma’am sit and be quite.

I completed:

Mrs, Margret or should I call you Mrs. Adam Johns, you killed Mera to revenge from what her grandfather did, and Mr. Adam was the magician, but how Mera didn’t realise that who was with her, not Adam, oh I forgot, do you all remember Mission impossible he was putting faces, Margret, because she thin and a good actress, she did that, then put in her coffee a poison to kill her.

I called Nicholas to get Adam and he did it, I asked:

– Why? Why you did this? is this for a revenge for a murder happened from years many years??!1

Adam said: No because of money, not just revenge, Mera was going to have all that by her name.

I said: money, someday money will kill us all, take them please Richard.

Nicholas and Richard in the same time: good job girl.

I laughed, asked Nicholas to drive me home, he did, when we arrived he hold my hand and got me closer to him, hugged me and whispered in my ears

– I love you.

I didn’t say anything, just got to my home and left him without an answer, but inside me I know, I admit it I love him, admire him so much, just not now….


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