A day to remember


I was walking after my car broke try to find a car to take me or help me, but I found a man with his baggage walking towards me, he helped me with my car and I thanked him by taking him in my way, I realized both of us want to be lost.

I drove away from my home to find myself away from routine and boring system, just to be lost, we were silent for moments until I finally decided to talk 1st:

-I’m Izzi, Izabella and you?


-Nice to meet you, why you were walking?

-I got out from the bus decide to walk until finding another thing to ride and I found you, thanks by the way.

-oh don’t thank me, I should thank you for fixing the car for me.

-it’s nothing, it’s okay, but where are you going?

-anywhere, no destination, just want to express the world out there.

-me too, I have an idea, why not ride the train to any destination and give ourselves a day to make an adventure.

-okay, I like the idea.

We chose a random destination and ride the train, all what with us a bottle of water and a clothes for just one day, we sell the car, then took the money and went to the train station, we ride it and hear the train began to move, its voice made us excited, yeah a day with a completely stranger but I’m not afraid.

The train arrived in California, we got out the station, 1st thing we decide to go to Disneyland, we went there, fun to see what you were watching when you were a child, and play with your favourite characters, dancing with Donald and Mickey, we laugh out loud, taking pics all over the place, then after eating a little sandwich, we went to the beach, OC and its beaches, so pretty and wonderful, swimming, playing, running and knowing new people, going to a small restaurant with karaoke, we sang, everyone was dancing with us, just the happiness runs so fast.

At the night, we take a little room in a motel and from tiredness, we just throw ourselves at the bed to sleep, we fall in sleeping, a deep one, hugging each other.

The day finished and he holded me at his back like I’m a child, don’t know why I want to stay a little bit longer with him, like I’m falling into him, we said goodbye, ride different trains, different destinations and we said:

-If the destiny wants us to meet and be together, we’ll, but for now good luck…….

Don’t say goodbye just say we’ll meet again……


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