Love and Desire


What is Love? Is it to marry? Is it to sleep with someone? Is it to feel that you’ll die without that one? Is it about breathing and feelings? Really what is it?

Love is all that, the passion, the desire, the madness, the jealousy, the falling in someone was someday a stranger, then a friend, then a lover, is the feelings we feel, happiness, sadness, pain, worry, joy, enjoying every moment with who we love, is what makes us crazy, do stupid things, feel the other one, breath the same air, listen to that one and enjoying listening whatever what they say, enjoy the silent, enjoy the passion between us.

Love is the desire to own the other one, to run with them away from everything to and quite an island, with no one but you two, eat together, breath together, that desire that burns you, tortures you, that kind of love and desire make anyone go crazy, that love that makes you want to be better person, changes you to be good and that desire that makes you thirsty for more.

But a desire without love is an illness, mental illness, that someday will destroy its owner and Love without desire, is empty from any passion and any kind  of joy, that won’t be real love, but both together is the real equation.


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