The Dream


My dear dairy;

I have this dream, again and again, I feel weird about it,  I can’t tell anyone about that dream, but I will write it for my secret keeper.

I dream that I’m in a big palace, so huge, beautiful, classic, in Greece or Italy or maybe Spain I don’t know, I’m running from someone, in a red beautiful dress, with a long tail, open from back, I keep running until I find the door, then a hand holds me, push me towards him, a tall man, with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and so handsome, pushes me toward him until I’m so close to him, breath the same air, somehow I feel safe, but in the same time I’m afraid of him, don’t know how I feel opposite feelings like that.

I push him away, but he’s so strong, I fight him, I fight that feeling inside me to give up, to just lose control, I fight until I’m so tired, he holds me between his hands and takes me, whispers in my ear:

-“don’t be afraid, don’t fight, just give up, my lady”

And I wake up in the same situation always, I don’t understand why is that dream chasing me? I’m tired of thinking…..

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