Mother, that little girl, who suddenly became a woman, hold you inside for 9 months, if you just once look at her, you’ll realize that a little hit or pain from outside will hurt her so much and make her feel pain a lot of pain, but somehow we keep breaking her inside, her bones, eating her food, but she never complain, never say ouch, it hurts.

She loves you more than herself, her life or even her husband, she could be the most powerful, the strongest woman in the world and fights hard and be tough to protect you, her son/daughter, she could be that monster who hurt anyone hurts her baby.

She keeps awake to hold you between her arms, to assure that you sleep peacefully when you feel sick or ill she feels pain much more than you,  she prays a lot for you to be safe, she wants you to be the most beautiful girl or handsome boy, the most successful,  she wants to see you in your best version, wants you to fulfill every dream she had and you have.

When she gets angry, simply because she’s a human, but that means she loves you so much, she wants you to be better and better. When she gives you an advice, just think don’t act like an idiot and be angry with her, she tries hard to help you.

But somehow we never realize till it’s too late, or after losing her, or leaving her, you think when you be an adult you must live alone or marry or take a decision without even share that with her, be rude to her, fight her all the way, for what? and why? she’s the one who raised you and made you what you’re now.

Why you never realize all what she did for you, and acted with her like she’s a stranger or some woman from the street or even worst? Why do you keep fighting her like she’s your enemy?

And then when she leaves you, you cry for the time that you didn’t act well with her and regret the time you didn’t spend with her, but that won’t bring her back, then you try hard to be what she wanted, to fulfill her dreams, to make by her advice. All that for what? because you just stubborn to listen to her, to be with her?!

Yes, some of us appreciate motherhood whether she held us inside her or she adopted us, either way, she raised us and taught us how to live, how to be what we’re now.

Appreciate your mother, before it’s too late, pray for her, but if she already gone, pray and always remember her, make her live inside your heart always till the end of the world not just till you die, but even teach you children how to love their mother, that will make the memory of every mother live until the world ends…..



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