My dear Diary


My dear Diary;

I don’t know from where I must begin writing, or what to write, sometimes I ask myself what is in my life worth to be written? what did I do to write about? Or what did happen to write about?!!

Every one of us has a story, some of us see that story isn’t good enough to talk about, some see it’s worthy to talk about and some don’t think about it, but for me, I have a lot of stories in my life, every story has its own main characters that changed a lot in me and in my life, ever story has a different end, some don’t even have an ending.

Sometimes I think my days are all the same, but somehow there are some differences, I never realize it until late, but not too late, I chose to write whatever I think about or feel, I chose to write one of my stories, turn it to an example, maybe it’ll teach others a lesson, a good one.

My dear diary; my secret keeper!!


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