My dear Diary #4 (the life)


My dear diary;

Life is full of surprises, that’s normal, every day we wake up. we don’t know what will happen in the next moment, we don’t know how we will deal with anything will happen, that why I call it surprise life, we don’t predict anything, we just handle it somehow, think and act.

Maybe we all think that our life is normal ordinary boring life, but actually, it’s not boring, not every day is the same, but somehow my life has been the same for 7 years, nothing happens in it just anger, sadness, losing and breaking me more and more, yeah, so difficult to handle this kind of life, even when I though that I’m so close from my dreams, I found out I was so far away from it, so far from achieving it.

It broke me apart, I got on my feet, decide to fight, to try, not to give up, every day I fight, I’m tired yes, but I can’t stop, that’s how I’m, can’t stop and can’t give up, but I’m human being, needs love and care, but instead of that I found envy, I tried to find out why me?! I have nothing, not so pretty just normal, not rich, I have nothing, maybe they envy me for my well or for living, or for being able to fight, I don’t know, but all I know is I’m done with people around me, with family, friends and even with my old self, I have to change to be able to fight and be strong!


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