My dear Diary #9 (Perfection)


My dear Diary;

Everyone thinks of me that I’m perfect, or should be… But no one thinks that I’m a human being can do wrong things, take wrong decisions, can make bad things and make good things.

I’m a girl that has dreams, wants to be  something different, wants to change herself and her world, she like everyone, but why they want me to be perfect.

Parents like any other parents want me to be so good, friends want my loyalty, attention, love, care…etc, every man got inside my life looks at my body hungry for it and wanted it to be perfect, they never looked at my soul, my mind, never knew who am I really??!

Yes, everyone expect many things from me, no, actually expect everything from me, but no one ever thought what I want, what I feel? everyone thinks of themselves, I know selfish, ignorance people, they like a virus in my life, but at the end of the day I say to myself one thing, parents want you to be the best because they love you more than anyone else could love you, friends if they think of themselves only leave them, it’s simple, love, when the right man comes, he won’t look at your body, so just be yourself, be the best version of yourself, do what makes you happy and stop over thinking everything…..

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