I always ask myself why I’m so attracted to you? Why I can’t be far away from you? Why I can’t breath when you’re not here?

The answer is always the destiny, the destiny that made us meet each other, that made us fall in love with each other, that made us be one soul with two bodies, that made us talk by our eyes and love our silence, that made us be mad about each other, be warm when we hug each other, be happy to see each other, solve any problem when we together.

That Destiny who choose us to be madly in love, to be one soul, one heart, to be the love story that everyone will talk about.

I never been silent with anyone, but with you I love to hear you, to hear every word, love to see your eyes, to hold you, to be with you every moment in this short life, to love you like no one did before.

The destiny that always tell me that no one and nothing can make us apart because I believe in our destiny my Love


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