Who Killed me (season 2) (episode 1; secrets and lies #1)


I know that if you have a secret and you don’t want anyone to know it, you have to hide it very well and lie about everything that could expose that secret, but what about if you have many secrets that make you keep telling lies more and more…..

The alarm clock didn’t ring, a 5 missed calls from Nicholas, I woke up at 10 am, took my cell phone called Nicholas, he answered:

-well, well, good morning miss sunshine (laughing)

I rub my eyes then said:

-good morning, how’re you?

When I looked in front of me, I opened my eyes widely, so wide in wonder and got up immediately from the bed, said to Nicholas:

-Nicholas, I will call you later okay!

-mmm, okay as you like my lady, bye for now.


I looked again in front of me and said:

-How did you get in here? in my house, in my bedroom? and from when you’re here?

He stood up from the chair, got closer to me and said:

-Come down, love; I’m here for 1 hour, waiting for you to wake up and I can get inside any place I want, I didn’t want to send any of my men because I like to meet you and talk to you face to face.

-Mr. Carlos, you are crazy, control-freak, you crossed the line sir, that’s not a good thing to work with a man like you and that way to deal with me is so bad..!!

-really!! I don’t about what you like or what you don’t like, I just care about the job I gave to you and what I ordered you to do….

-Listen to me Mr. Carlos, I don’t work that way, I will work on my ways and my rules, if you like it or not, get out from here now.

-don’t talk to me like that Anushka, and get used to that because I will appear in front of you everywhere and anywhere…

-you crazy, freak…

I went to open the door to get him outside, but he held my hand and pushed me to him, I tried to resist him, fight with him but nothing, he’s strong , doesn’t feel anything, he said:

-keep fighting, keep resisting, I don’t care, but you will do what I want like I want bu my rules.

-leave me now…



-like you heard me, no, I won’t leave you and let’s do our work, my dear.


He left me, I went to the room, took some files and back to him again, put the files in front of him, he took it and read it.

I went to wash my face, took a shower, leaving him outside reading the files, I wear my blue jeans and my white long sleeves shirt with lace from the shoulder, I wear my brown half boots, then went outside to him and asked him:

-did you finish reading?

-yes, I did, you collected so many good information.

-thanks, this info about a girl called Louisa, she’s 25 years old, she works in a bank, studied business and accounting, she also had MBA, she’s so good and everyone know her say about her that she is good and polite decent girl, but the thing is she was driving the same time in the same street as your wife and your son, I don’t have any prove that she did anything but she called the police to tell the there were an accident in that time and the police took her words then left her, she didn’t do anything, maybe it was really an accident and no one killed your wife and your son…

He looked to me, his eyes were so angry, he stood up, got closer to me and said:

-My wife and my son, my little son, my beloved wife had been killed I know that I’m sure about it.

-How are you so sure about that? If you have anything you hide it from me tell me now what is it?

-I don’t hide anything from you, not like you hide many secrets from your love Nicholas…

-Don’t say his name again, and I don’t hide anything from him….

-do you??!!!

I look at him, I’m angry with him, want to tell him to go away but my tongue doesn’t say anything like I’m statue in front of him, all I can do is to show him my angry by my eyes, I hate him, hate him and want to push him away from me and wish that I didn’t go to that masquerade party and met him……





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