Who killed me? (Secrets and lies #7) (The Story)


After Nicholas went to find out everything about Natalie, I took a look at her again, she was tortured before she died, but why? who did this? why he or she does this?!

A lot of questions inside my head, I feel my mind gonna explode, I took a look at the house, it’s very big for a woman to live in alone, I found her maid crying, the police officer questioned her, then I went to her:

-Hi, I’m sorry to what happen to your Ma’am, what’s your name?

She cleaned her tears and her nose with her handkerchief, then said:

-my name’s Rosa, I’m Mexican.

I found out from her accent, I completed my questions:

-How long have you been working for her?

-since she was a young girl, living with her parents. I came with her here when she moved here.

-Why she moved here to live alone?

-she was a wild girl, parties at night and in the morning she works in the magazine, she’s a model, her parents weren’t in good relation with her.

-oh, I see, does she have anyone like a lover or a friend she sees every day or most of the time?

-yeah, she had that man who called Andres, I didn’t like him.


-he was weird I didn’t feel that he’s good for her, she knew him before 3 years.

“That was when Carlos’s wife died and that the same name her brother has, could this be coincidence?!” I said to myself, then asked the maid again:

-Do you know his no. or address or even his full name?

-Yes, I think ma’am has his card, wait I’ll give it to you…

She went to get the card, then back and gave me the card, I took the card and thanked her, leaving her cry again on her madam, I went up to the 1st floor, it was full of rooms, I went inside one of them it seems like Natalie’s room, pink and white room, quite like princess, her photos everywhere, then I found a photo of her and Ely and another 2 girls, I suspected that one of them is Carlos’s wife and the other friend.

Nicholas called me, I answered:

-Hi, did you find something?

-yes, a lot, come to the office.

-no, let’s go to a motel or something.


-because I think whoever the killer is, he or she spy on us.

-okay, I’ll pick you up.

-no, go to that motel outside the city, you remember it?


-and I’ll come to you.

-okay, see you.

-see you and be careful.

I took a look in the room, I found a bunch of diaries, I took them, then found a closed safe, I tried to open it, search in the room for something like the combination or anything I could open this safe by it, I found a notebook, small one, I opened it, it has all emails address and passwords, then I found something like combination number, nice maybe that it’s, I took it tried to open the safe, finally it opened, I search inside it, it was full of work contracts and papers with attorney, then I found another diary but different from those I took, it was old a little bit and written in it Maya’s diaries, this is wired, who’s Maya? and why Natalie had her diary???!

I took the diaries and left the papers to the police, then I went to the motel as fast as I can, when I arrived, I found Nicholas inside with Carlos, I said with strange look filled my face:

-Why is he here?

-He must be here, please sit 1st and then let me talk, okay?!


-okay, 1st you both listen to me and don’t interrupt me until I finish.

we said at the same time.



We look to each other, then Nicholas continued:

-Natalie was a model, not a fashion model, but lingerie model, sometimes, a model for playboy magazine, means nude model, Natalie always wanted that, she was rich, her parents was so rich, but of course they refused, they were afraid of people’s talk and how could our girl be a nude model?! so they kicked her out, they never called her for 3 years, she had 3 best friend’s, Ely, Jessica and of course Carlos’ wife, they stood beside her, then Carlos’ wife died, after that Ely then now Natalie, remain Jessica, I went to her told actually fight with her until I convinced her that she should cooperate with us and tell us everything she knows, and she accepted, she’s with me now in the next room beside us, I’ll call her here to tell us the story.

Nicholas went to Jessica, leaving me with Carlos alone, He stood up came closer to me, he held my arm and made me look at him, he said:

-I’m sorry.

-For what? for make me and Nicholas in dangerous, or for hiding so many secrets and telling lies to me?!

-For everything, even for falling into…

He didn’t complete his talk as Nicholas came in, Carlos went away from me, Jessica went to him, he embraced her, to comfort her as a friend, and made her be sure we are the good side, she sat down and said:

-I’ll tell you everything about us, me and my friends, I work as photographer, Natalie as a model, Ely didn’t work but she loves to draw, Maya Carlos’ wife she didn’t work either, we were so close to each other, from the high school, Maya was extraordinary girl, her story is different, she trusted us, she told us her story, her parents died when she was 10 years old little girl, she had a brother called Andres he was elder than her by 15 years, he loved her so much, the went to their aunt, their mother’s sister in Louisiana, then Maya began to grow up, Andres was so protective he didn’t want to lose her too, he had his girlfriend called Louisa, then when Maya became 16 and Andres finished his college, he came back, and then he somehow changed, his look to her even changed from brother-sister thing to love thing, and she loved him, then they slept with each other when their aunt knew, she throw them out and they came here to New York, he worked, she got to high school with us, they kept their twisted relation a secret until she met Dave, he was her 1st boyfriend in the college, but Andres knew about him, he got mad, crazy like psychopath, he threaten Dave to go far away from Maya, Dave got afraid from them both and went away, then after while she met Carlos, she married him without telling Andres when he knew he threatens her to kill Carlos if she didn’t back to him, she told Carlos about her story, then I this Carlos told you the rest.

I said:

-yes, he told us, so you mean that Andres is the killer?

-I don’t know, but before 3 years Natalie go in relation with a man called Andres, I went to see that man, I was the only one who saw Maya’s brother, but this Andres, not Maya’s brother.

-Mmm, then?

-Natalie felt good about that, she was in love, but somehow before she died a week ago her Andres vanished!

-what do you mean by vanished???!!

-I mean his office closed, his house was rent house, we didn’t find him.

-oh, okay, then anything suspicious happened?

-yes, the day before yesterday, we had a letter from stranger said only this sentence:

(I’ll take revenge from you all, for what you have done to me)

-what did you say the name of Andres’s girlfriend was?


-Oh my…

-okay, Jessica, listen to me I want you to stay with us you have to do that for your safety

she agreed without asking anything, I took the diaries from my bag and said:

-we have to stay in the same room, for now, we can’t risk anything, those diaries belong to Natalie but one of them belong to Maya.

we all sat in silent, they left me reading the diaries, and Nicholas opened his Laptop and searched for more info, Carlos sat in silence mood looking at me, don’t know what happened but my subconscious tells me something happen between us, something gonna change my whole life……….






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