Love and Revenge (Part5) (The End)


– A year has gone, Luke, How much you’ll keep looking for her?

The man’s voice made Luke concentrate in his question, he thought a year had gone and he couldn’t find Anna, his bread was unshaved, his white shirt wasn’t ironed, he held his whiskey and drunk it in one shot, the man said:

– Luke, stop this, enough with drinking, forget her…

Luke looked at him with rage in his eyes, he said:

– Stop saying that I should give up, that I won’t find her, she’s mine and I’ll find her, get her back.

– really! don’t you think that she hates you? I know you loved Anna from the 1st sight before even your brother married her, but your fault was you didn’t tell her anything or even went to talk to her, then when you knew she’ll marry your brother, you didn’t go to stop this marriage or attend it, how should she knew that you loved her from the beginning? she was afraid of you and you suspected her, that she killed your family?!! Are you mad?!!!!!

– No, I’m not, yes, I loved her from the 1st sight, I was afraid to talk to her, I lost the chance, my brother, my twin bro. married her, I got mad when I heard that my mother and my twin bro. died in a fire in the house and nothing happened to her, I suspected her, because I knew about her past and her family who died because of my family, still, I loved her so much, I’m crazy about her, all I’m thinking about is that I want her back, I miss her, I love her, I need her, I can’t live like this, I’m going mad, Charles, I need your help to find her, please!

– Okay, Luck, just come down, I’ll do my best to find her.

Charles left the house, Luck remained alone, after a while, Caroline came to him, he opened the door to her, he was drinking, she said:

– What are you doing?

He was drunk and couldn’t walk straight, he said:

– Don’t you see?! drinking

He laughed….

– Stop it Luck, I’m your lawyer, your best friend, your best friend’s wife, Charles told me how you’re and what you do to yourself, For God’s sake, enough, Luck.

– Find her and I’ll stop.

– MMM, really?! Charles working on this matter, come I’ll take you to your room, take a shower and I’ll do something to eat.

– No,

-Shut Up, you’ll do what I said now, no discussions.

– okay, okay Mom….

He went to his room, took his shower, he looked at the mirror, He said:

– You look so bad and miserable man, you love her like no one ever did, she’s the only one you loved and what you did? you lost her, idiot, I don’t want to shave, whatever…..

He wore a black shirt and black jeans, he went downstairs, Caroline made him some pasta with white sauce and chicken, he said;

– Thanks, Caroline.

– You welcome idiot!

– yes, I’m.

He began to eat then they heard a knock on the door, Caroline went to open it, she found Charles in front of her, he went in and said to Luck:

– I found something!

Luck got up and quickly ran to him, he said:

– What did you find?

– I found a girl works in a nursery, she told me she knows a girl called Anna and by the same description I have, I talked to her on phone I knew that Anna is in New York….

-okay, we have to go and find her.

-come down, Luck, we’ll go but 1st we need to make sure she’s there.

-okay! do it quickly, please!

Charles held the phone and dialed a number, he said:

-Hi, Luisa, that’s me, Charles. I want a little favor, please…

-I want to know if there’s a girl called Anna lives in New York and work at a nursery school in Lenox Avenue, and I want ever detail you can find about her.

He closed the phone, they kept waiting, the silence of the room was so louder than their breathing, the phone rang, Charles took it:

– Hi, Louisa, did you find anything?……….. Thank you Lou. love you.

He hung out the phone, they took the car and went to the airport, the hours were like years for Luck, they went to New York and they didn’t talk the whole trip, Charles said when they arrived:

– We have to go to the hotel now, in the morning we will go to find her.

Luck said:

– No, I want to go now.

-Stop it, Luck.

– Why?

Caroline said:

– Because we don’t want her to run again.

He didn’t say anything, they took a cab to the hotel….

Luck kept walking in his room, he couldn’t sit or sleep or do anything, all he wanted is to talk to her, to see her, He took his leather jacket and went outside without telling Charles or Caroline, He went for a walk, he took the metro to Lenox Avenue, he went to where Anna lives, he looked at the building, He saw some shadow in a window on the 5th floor, it was her, he could see her, he wanted to go to her, then he stopped, but after a while he went to the building he saw some people go out he ran and got into the building, he took the elevator to the 5th floor, he saw two apartments, Charles didn’t tell him what her apartment’s no. is? but he figured it out from the window’s place, he knocked the door.

She opened the door and saw him in front of her, long beard, messy hair, she was shocked, she felt that she wanted to hold him but she was afraid of him.

He got inside, she went backward, he closed the door and stepped toward her, she kept back, but he stepped toward her more till she found herself between him and the wall, she said:

–…doing here?

-I’m here for you.


-I…Miss..You, Anna.

She didn’t say anything, she looked at him in wonder, to believe him or not??!!

– Anna, Believe me, I missed you, Why?

-Why What?

-Why you left me?

-Oh, really! you ask me this?


-Are you crazy? You hurt me, you took my body just for fun, and I’m stupid enough to fall in love with you, you wanted revenge and I’m a big idiot loved you so much. you were playing with my feeling and suspected me that I killed your family, killed my husband!!!!

Her eyes fill with tears, he held her face between his hands, said:

-I’m sorry.

She pushed him away and said:

– No, your sorry isn’t enough!

-So tell me what do you want me to do?

-Go to Hell, Luck, leave me alone.

He fell on his knees in front of her, his teary eyes looked at her, he held her hands and said:

– I’m sorry, really sorry, I love you, I’m madly in love with you, from the 1st sight I saw you working in my brother’s firm, I couldn’t tell you, I was afraid that you’ll refuse me, I didn’t even attend your marriage because I was so mad, my brother took you from me, then when I heard about the fire in our home, I got mad and all I wanted to keep you in that house and when I kissed you for the 1st time, I knew that I’m so thirsty for your love, that I want to kiss you more, but also I was angry and sad for my mother and brother’s death, I hated myself for forgetting them and wanting you, I was mad at myself, but when you left I couldn’t breathe or live, I can’t live without you, Anna, please!!!

Her tears fell in her checks, she fell on the ground in front of him, she cried, he held her face, kissed her, she wanted to resist him, but she couldn’t, he held her and took her to the room, he kissed her, embraced her with his love, passion and desire, he missed her and she missed him too.

In the morning;

The door knocked, she woke up on the knocking door, Luck’s hand on her waist, she tried to take it off her, but he woke up and said:

-Leave it and come back here.

She smiled and said:

-let me go and see who is coming in the early morning.

She went and opened the door, she saw Caroline and the other man with her Charles, she seemed angry but before opening her mouse, Charles said:

– You must be Anna, is he here?


He looked at her and realize they slept together.

-MMM, okay, wake him up, please.

-wait a min. please.

She woke him up and went outside, they all sat and Charles said:

– !st Anna I want to introduce you to my wife Caroline, she’s not his girlfriend, we were best friend from school, I loved her and we got married, but this idiot beside you, wanted to make you jealous and his blind madness make him do stupid things, but I think he made it out of you!

Anna laughed and said to Caroline:

– You his wife?


-Oh, Luck I really hate you.

she looked at him, he said:

– No you love me, madly in love with me and I’m completely madly in love with you, I’m sorry Anna.

She held his face between her hands and kissed his forehead, then said:

-I love you, idiot, and I want to tell you something, that….. when I left I….was pregnant, I…We have a boy…..

He looked at her and said:


-We have a baby boy!

-Where’s he?

– with my friend and her baby daughter, she takes him every Tuesday to play and because I go to relax and doctor, she will come now.

The door knocked before he could speak, she opened the door and held her baby boy, He got up and came closer, she gave him the boy, he held him, and cried a little with joy and happiness, he said:

-Anna, will you Marry me, please, Will you be forever mine?

-Yes, I do….

He hugged her and his baby son with joy, happiness’ tears in his eyes, saying to himself from now on everything will gonna be fine…



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