The Night (Chapter 4)


Days run fast, everything is now stable, everything is calm, I didn’t see Mr. Christopher so much, maybe just twice or three times from the last time when I was in his house, I worked with Martin the whole time, Elena became my friend, she’s nice and good to me, we sometimes go out with our co-workers or just us.

Today after a month in this company, we have a meeting with Mr. Christopher, we’ll discuss the company’s projects this month and what will complete from the before and what is new!

I came early, sat everything at the meeting table, Helped Martin a little, he said:

– My little girl, would you like to eat dinner with me Friday?

– is that a date or something? (I laughed and he too)

– maybe, tell me okay or not??

– okay, sure

I like Martin, he’s simple, good man, I know he likes me too, maybe this going to be something, maybe we just friends.

The meeting began, Mr. Christopher came and talked about everything, then when we finished, he was still sitting, Martin said:

-okay, see you on Friday, Amara.

He kissed me on my cheeks and went out, I was looking at Mr. Christopher,  He was looking at me too, his eyes were furious, angry maybe, Martin left, we were alone in the room, Christopher closed the door suddenly, then came closer, I was going backward, he asked:

– Are you both together?

– what do you mean, sir?

– I mean, are you his girlfriend, are you both couple??

– No

– So why you’ll meet him?

– Sir, sorry but this is my private life.

– your.. what??!!

– My..Private..Life

– mmm, nice, but not so nice, Amara, you will not meet him, or be with him, do you understand?

– No!

– You have to, I’m not letting you choose, my dear, he’s not who you want, I’m who you want, He’ll not give you what I can give you!

– Let me go…

– No

– Why? I though you forgot me!!

– I didn’t, I want you, you’re mine, not to anyone else.

– until you get sick of me?!!

He didn’t answer, he pushed me to the wall, his hands held my shoulders, he was hurting me, his eyes was burning, he looked at every inch of me, his breathing was so warm, full of so much, his hand was strong enough to crush me, he was so close, so different from the last time I saw him, what is he doing to me? what does he want from me? why me??!

He got closer, we both breathed the same oxygen, I felt pain on my shoulders, but I felt giving up to him, I felt his power on me, I was afraid of what he’ll do next? His lips so close from mine, his eyes closed, my eyes closed, he kissed me, I gave up, I don’t know if I can express my feeling in this moment, all I can know that this is fire burning me and I’m that butterfly running toward it and don’t care if I’ll be burnt.

He left me suddenly, I got back to reality and falling on the ground, I felt so disgusted with myself, how can I give up and why?

He didn’t talk and went out without any word, I went out after him, went to my car, sitting, trying to take a breath, but I cried, I cried hard like I never cried before, I tried to start the car but nothing, I couldn’t do it, I kept crying, a sound knocking on my window, it was him, Chris.

I went out, hit him hard and said:

– why? why??

I was angry, kept hitting him until he cathed me and embraced me, he said:

– stop

– I hate you.

– stop this childish behavior now.

I looked at him;

– you’re crazy, mad, obsessive, leave me alone.

I tried to go away, but he pushed me toward him again and said:

– I’ll not leave you, you have to come with me.

– No.

– I don’t like this word, Amara!

– I don’t care.

– you’ll come with me, now.

He took me, we arrived at his car, he said to the driver:

– go and take her purse and drive her car to my house.

– yes, sir.

The driver gave me my purse, then drove my car, Chris drove us to his house, I was looking at him, crying hard, we didn’t say anything to each other, we drove to his home, he took me inside and asked his maid to put the dinner, then he said to another something but I couldn’t hear them both, I was tired to concentrate, I sat on the couch and put my head on its pillow, it’s comfortable.

after a while, Chris took me to the dining table, he said:

– sit!

– No!

– I said sit now.

He made me sit down and eat, I won’t lie that I was hungry, my stomach was hurting me from hunger. I ate a lot without noticing myself……



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