You may do everything alone, you may take the whole way alone, you may watch movies and shows alone, you may enjoy it alone, you may dance alone, you may listen to the music alone, you may travel alone, yes; many things you may do it alone, but you’ll enjoy it, it’s better to be alone than to be with people who don’t care.

Exploring yourself will take so much but at the end, you’ll find your true self and what you really want, walk the whole way alone, you’ll fall and you’ll get up, but every time you get up, you’ll be strong, you’ll learn, you’ll be able to fight for your dreams and you’ll win, the thing is that you’re different, sometimes you’re so different that people around you don’t fit with you and your dreams, one day you’ll find the true people who will share your feelings, your passion, your love and everything else.

Don’t give up, don’t feel bad about yourself, don’t put yourself in depression, just be yourself even if this means to be alone, walk the whole way by yourself….


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