Mads Mikkelsen (The exceptional artist) part 6

Hello everyone;

How are you? How was your last week? And how’s this week so far? I missed you all already; back with a new article about ‘Mads Mikkelsen’.

So without any further talking let’s grab our drinks and jump in the part 6 of Mads Mikkelsen’s Journey.

1- Bleeder:

Bleeder 1999 Danish crime drama movie.

This movie isn’t everyone cub of tea, it was so successful in the Denmark; a crime drama movie talks about two friends Leo and Lenny who live in Norrebro a working-class neighborhood in Copenhagen.

Leo lives with his girlfriend Louise and they gonna have a baby; Lenny is a shy boy who works in a videotape store and a kind of film expert; he loves a girl who works in the grill calls Lea.

Mads Mikkelsen as Lenny.

Leo and Louise will have a baby that will change their life together; Louise has a brother who loves her so much and works in a bar; everything will begin from the moment that Leo will go on a walk with Louise’s brother to the bar he works at and will see a fight between the bar’s owner and some drunk men that will end with killing one of the drunk men.

Leo will begin to change, his anger, rage and his fear from having a baby will make his life like hell; on the other side we see Lenny who loves a girl works on the grill calls Lea; Lenny will try to contact her and talk to her to have a date with her, but he couldn’t make it because he’s so shy and don’t know what to do or how to do it!

I’m not telling the whole story because it’s a bit tricky and have some twists that change the story so much; I’m not a bi fan of this type of movies, but this one was interesting and new experience; Mads here acted in the role of Lenny, the shy boy who loves movies so much; you’ll see how much can Mads acts without a lot of dialogues and talking; sometimes you just look at his eyes expressions and will understand everything; Mads is a wonderful actor who made different roles with different languages and every time he nailed it. I hope you watch this movie and enjoy it… 😉

2- Flame and Citron

Danish:  Flammen & Citronen

A 2008 Drama movie based on a true historical events; this movie is like any historical movie that talks about a specific time; the difference is the language; I watched a lot of movies like that, this was my first time watch a Danish movie that talks about true events happened after the Nazi invasion of Denmark in the WWII.

The movie focuses on Holger Danske resistance group’s Bent Faurschou Hviid as known as Flammen and Jorgen Haagen Schmith as known as Citron; two fighters who hate the Nazis and want them to leave the Denmark.

I won’t write the story of this movie because I want to leave it to you to watch it; in this movie again Mads doesn’t talk much; still his act, body, face, and eyes expressions are enough for you to understand him and know the character very well; my advice to you is to watch this one; maybe not everyone likes this genre; why not change a little and watch something about the history; know new things we never knew before.

Go and watch the movie; I hope you like it and enjoy it; because for me I enjoyed it so much and liked every bit of Mads’ act here. (Y)

3- The Salvation:

2014 Danish western film.

Another genre of movies that Mads acted; different role and different type; a drama movie that talks about Jon (Mads Mikkelsen) and his brother Peter following the second Schleswig War in 1864; leave Denmark to America and built a life there in a peace of a land; good men and never had a problem with anyone.

Jon’s wife arrives to America with their boy to live with her husband; in their way to Jon and Peter’s land they ride a carriage with two drunk men that will try to rape Jon’s wife; Jon will try to stop them but they’ll throw him from the carriage and leave him; he will run after them and when he’ll find the carriage, but his wife and his son died; so he’ll take revenge from the two men and will kill them.

From this point Jon’s life will change 180 degree and one of the men has an elder brother who wants to find who killed his brother and take revenge from him.

without any further talking about the story of the movie; I think why not watching this one and see it yourself if you’ll like this one or not; but again for me I loved Mads’ act here and I love to see him in different roles and speaking different languages which is something I enjoy very much; so yeah, go and watch it and tell me your opinion about it.

That was three movies with different characters, every role I watched for Mads was so different from the other one; what I really like about him is his dedication to every movie he acted in even if it’s a low budget movie or a short movie or a show and even the advertisements he makes; really acts very well in every movie, every role he made and makes are amazing and different.

Now at the end of this part; there’ll be another parts, so I hope you liked this one and hope you watch those movies; enjoy them and enjoy the rest of the week. Love you all, till later will miss you XO XO ❤ ❤


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