She Is…

Hello everyone; I know it’s been a while; I miss you all and thanks for being here, for supporting me, thanks for all the likes and following me; How are you doing? How’s life so far? Today won’t be the usual, I will not write the usual posts, but I’ll tell you a story about life; about love; about dreams…

So grab your coffee or any drink you like and come with me in unusual journey of life, dreams, wishes and hope.

You know this chick flick movies; that awkward girl’s story; that love stories we wish someday to have; or those rom-com. movies we like to watch every Friday night with lots of Ice cream or Pizza with a lot of beer or soda or whatever you love to drink; or those novels about love and how to find your fairy tale ending; or those movies about achieving your dreams and make them come true!

She knows how all of them end; how every love story begin and end with a gentle kiss and soft hug. ❤

She’s that awkward, failure and alone girl; once upon a time there was a girl; who is beautiful, soft and kind to everyone and always shy and pure innocent little girl; she liked movies, food and books; she never knew how to play with other girls in her age; she played a lone with those girly toys and imagined herself adult woman managing her house; cooking and so on. 😀

She went to school, still she’s weird, alone and felt like an out-lander; she can’t fit in; then went to other school and still the same thing happened; till she knew a girl with short hair and she wanted to know her; this beautiful girl, funny and always cut her hair and they became best friends; she felt good and felt that she can fit in.

She dreamed that one day she will be a legend; her best friend everyone like her and admire her; wants to be with her and every boy wanted to be her boyfriend; this shy girl wanted to be like her funny and beautiful best friend; but she never could and again that feeling back to her like a storm hitting her on her face; she’s an out-lander.

She loved a boy; fair skin, tall, dark hair, brown eyes and devilish smile; she was taken by him and her simple wish was to look at her and like her as she liked him; he was looking at her from time to time and she was so innocent that she started making fairy tales in her head and imagine how they fit together, but she never realize that he was making fun of her and made her a joke; she got old and began to understand how this boy will look at her so she thought about if he loves her he’ll be jealous, but if not, he won’t and she wanted to test it.

So she tested it with the new boy in school; tall, dark and handsome; they became best friends and he agreed to help her; she felt for sometime that the boy she loved, loved her too, but no he never did and she was so pure that she never realize that the boy she had as her best friend was never a friend.

Got old and went to high school; here everything began to change; she stopped caring about herself; stopped her life and started living like a body without a soul; her girl best friend found the love of her life or that what she thought at this time; she loved her girl best friend so much that she wanted the best for her; but not this boy that got in their life from nowhere; she felt something wrong about him, but she couldn’t do anything.

Another boy came to her life because he loved her best friend and he was so romantic that she wanted some love as this and tried to make him see that her best friend won’t love him as he loved her.

Then college came fast and everyone went to his choice of college; still she and her best friend still the same, best friends; a lot of people came and go to their life, but they never changed toward each other.

In her third year; she found a guy who became her friend then became obsessed by her body and her mind; he wanted her and tried his best to make her give up to him; she was taken by him and by this new adventure; she never thought bad about anyone until she realized that she made a mistake, but this was late, not so let yet; she addicted him being in her life even she never gave up to him; still she wanted him in her life.

One day she understood everything and left; also he knew that this is better for both of them; another men like that in her life and she never gave up.

Finished the university; a chain of failures began from this point; yes’ she found some good friends in the college and still her best friend with her; but she never succeed in any interview, she didn’t find a job to do and her trip failed; everything was nothing but a failure trip.

A year after year; no one believes in her; no one knew how she felt and how she cried every night a lone in her room; started losing everything and even her best friend after a while left her or she left her best friend too; both left each other.

She’s an adult now; men come and go and always the same curse; wanting her body; but never a serious relation with her; every time when she’s in the street, she spill something or burn herself or fight with someone…

Today she watched a movie about a girl who lost everything in her city life and went away to the country and found her life; her real one and her real love.

The girl laughed and remembered; in the morning she was going to fall and have an accident; she spilled the hot; really hot coffee on her hand and burnt it; it was awfully hot; her hair went crazy because the sweating and the hot weather; but she never cry and put it up in messy bun; the strip of her bag damaged and it was a new bag for God’s sake; yesterday she went to an event and she was so happy for it and suddenly everyone talked like crap and all say you won’t make it until you’ve network.

Yeah; it’s true if you have a network and some connections; you’ll success some way or another; she tried to be positive and go make some network and connection; but again nothing!

Why? because she’s an out-lander; she can’t get along with people in her city; no one can understand her and she can’t understand them; but then here was click in her mind; yeah, she failed in many things; no best friends; no love and of course no job or money or any kind of life; still there’s a light inside her lights her way and giving her hope that everything will be good and better.

She believes that she can and never gave up; never stopped standing after every falling down; never stopped dreaming that she’ll find her way out of all of this and she will rise and be te legend that everyone will talk about.

She’s strong, independent woman; cliche; I know, but believe me, she’s really strong fighter; she might be an out-lander a strange girl in the city, but she still can talk and still can fight hard for her dreams and today she saw a bit of a light; a sign that she”ll make it; she’ll be the best; she’ll be the legend.

Maybe she’s a failure now, maybe you see her as a no one; but she’s everyone; she’s you and me; she’s the dream that will come true; she’s the hope that never gives up; she’s the believe that never breaks; she’s love that never ends and she’s life that never dies…


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