Halloween Party

“Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, but it’s about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves.”

Elvis Duran

Hello everyone; Happy Halloween ❤ How’s your week so far? It’s already the Halloween; How are you all? How’s life?

Today’s post is going to be about Halloween 😀 So, come with me into a little trip to my Halloween party. ❤ 😀

Are you having a party tonight? Good, or do you have a family gathering, wearing some costumes and getting out in the streets; or maybe some friends night; or some romantic little spooky party with you love 😀 or if you’re in Egypt and like me don’t have any parties or friends night; how are you going to spend this day??!!

If you don’t have any parties or gathering; let me take you into the best list of to do at the Halloween; so grab your coffee or any drink you want and come with me. 😉

Movie Night:

What is better than a good movie and cup of coffee with you favorite dessert; this list is from my favorite movies and from other people’s reviews about the best movies for Halloween;

  • Hocas Pocus; this one when I watched I fell in love with it; every moment I enjoyed in this movie so much; so if you didn’t watch it, go and watch it and enjoy it 😉
  • The Nightmare before Christmas; yo love cartoons; anime and don’t want spooky frighting night; this one is amazing and enjoyable.
  • Hotel Transylvania; completing with the non spooky movies; this one is comedy and light and wonderful for a family night at the Halloween.
  • Casper; who doesn’t like to have a Cute Boo friend; this is how Casper is, so cute and so friendly ❤
  • Corpse Bride; another wonderful movie for a family night.
  • Ernest Scared stupid.
  • Caper meets Wendy 😀
  • Goosebumps; who doesn’t love R.L Stine scary books and this movies is amazing as his books; also the second one too 😀 ❤
  • Coraline.
  • Double Trouble Toil and Trouble.
  • Scooby Doo; a dog and four detectives; it’s so good ❤ 😀
  • Practical Magic 1998; my favorite ever; amazing and wonderful movie.
  • Harry Potter all the parts; you like magic as me; let’s watch this amazing movie always and forever; another favorite movie for me; amazing one and always the best.
  • Fantastic beasts; another J.K.Rolling magical story ❤
  • Ghostbusters 1984
  • Halloween 1978; now let’s begin with this on the scary movies night; i love this part more than any other part for this movie; it’s scary and good.
  • A nightmare at Elm Street 1984; you won’t sleep after this; why? you will be afraid if you Dream, Freddy Krueger will come and visit.. 😉
  • Sleepy Hollow; a headless man and a witch what is going to be worst 😀 when I watched this movie; I was so young around 15 or something and it frightened me; I couldn’t sleep the whole night.
  • House Of Haunted Hill 1958; Classic, right? why not have a classic scary night 😉
  • Pet Sematary 1989; I watched the original version this one, but I didn’t watch the new one yet; so if you like the classics, go for it; it’s amazing; if you modern; okay why not? (Y)
  • The Craft 1996
  • It;you like the classic go for it; want to see the new one; yeah, good; for me I love that movie so much and it’s wonderful. Note; if you have a clown’s phobia, please don’t watch IT 😉
  • Carrie; another Stephen King movie 😀 ❤ I love both the classic version 1976 or the modern one 2013.
  • Scream; you like serial killers and bloody murders; yeah, this one is the one you need 😀
  • The Shining 1980; another Stephen King movie; psychology horror and amazing one (Y)
  • Truth Or Dare; like to play it; yeah, me too, but how about watching this one before playing it dangerously 😉
  • Tall Grass 2019, Netflix; I watched it and liked it; go for it if you didn’t watch it yet.
  • Hush; another Netflix horror movie; about the survival; I won’t tell much; but you’ll like it 😀
  • Death Note 2017 movie.
  • last but not least; if you love murder mysteries and solving crimes movies; Google some American TV movies like Garage sale mystery and there are more; I love those movies; they are so good (Y) 😀

Show Night:

Want to try to binge some show, spooky and frighting night; okay, let’s do it; here’s a list of some shows;

  • Slasher; creepy, full of blood and so, so savage; fun fact I watched the 3rd season before the 1st two seasons; I liked it; it’s freaky and good; if you like this kind of shows; yeah; watch this one; every part of the 3 parts is different story with different killer.
  • Scream the series; I liked it; it’s good and yeah try to watch it.
  • The Vampire Diaries; my favorite ever; yeah, it’s an amazing show and amazing story.
  • The Originals; it’s a spin-off from the vampire diaries.
  • The Legacies; another spin-off from the originals.
  • The Haunting of Hell House the show at Netflix.
  • Death Note; the animation series.
  • Sabrina; the Netflix show.
  • Shadow Hunters; another favorite on my list; I love that show; if you didn’t watch it; do it now 😀
  • Typewriter; an Indian Netflix show; I loved it so much 😀 please watch it.. ❤
  • Stranger Things; this one on my list; I want to watch it; so if you want too; yeah, let’s do it 😀
  • Last but not least, Netflix did a list for Halloween movies and shows; so dig in it and watch what you want; if you don’t have Netflix or Prime videos; go and google for Halloween movies and shows list then google it for free streaming; you’ll find a lot of websites with good qualities and a lot of movies and shows. 😉 (Y)

Books night:

Are you a book person; you love to imagine and live the adventure through the pages of the book; oh, wonderful, a night with some candles and cozy warm cup of coffee or the drink you love and a book; what’s better than that 😉 here is my list of suggestions for you

  • Agatha Christie’s books; she’s my favorite; and I love all her books; all of it believe me; they are amazing.
  • Stephen King’s books; choose one and let’s get afraid tonight; I love his novels.
  • Dan Brown; you love the mystery; another favorite on my list.
  • Dracula; Bram Stoker; classic novel with some spooky imagination.
  • The Picture of Dorian Grey; Oscar Wilde; I love it and love the movie and everything about it.
  • Also you can google for the creepiest books and read it; or if you have something in your mind, please share with us 😉

If you’re with Family or Friends or your love one or alone; hope you liked my lists and enjoy it ❤ I hope I didn’t take much of your time and enjoy today; Happy Halloween ❤ 😀

Till the next time, don’t forget to smile and be happy and have a good night or a good day wherever you’re in the world; love you all and than you so much ❤ ❤ ❤


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