Be or not to Be

Hello everyone; how are you all doing? I miss you so much; I know it had been a lot since the last post.

Here I’m again trying to pull myself up and get back to work 😀 yeah, I’ve been traveling and will talk about that later in other posts; I was sick, but nowhere I’m getting myself to work and back to the track.

How’s life with you all? I hope you are working on achieving your 2020 resolutions. 😀 😉

Okay, what’s today about? It’s about everything; sometimes we need to stop caring about what we’re doing or talking about; it’s about you and me; about giving up; about the pain and the mixed emotions we feel; it’s about life.

What is Life? Does it have a specific meaning? Or it just different from one and another?! I think Life is about living and breathing; you can’t do this without having a dream or a goal to be passionate about; it won’t be a life without a purpose. Life is about everyone’s dream and passion; it’s about living the life you dream about.

It’s to be or not to be; you choose; you can choose to give up; give every moment you worked hard; every step you took, every failure you had, literally giving up everything; What for? because you feel sick; because you are tired; because you don’t have someone to believe in you; because everyone tells you, that you can’t and won’t.

WE all have this time when we get tired; when we just want to stop, we need to stop; when we cry and can’t take our breath; when we become hesitating about everything we used to believe in; when we say that this is the end. Is it the end?

No, it’s not; I’ve been there believe me; I’ve been through a lot and I know I still have a lot to go through in my life; it doesn’t end when you’re tired; it ends when you stop and give up; it ends when you believe it’s impossible; one of the quotes I love and it’s my motto is a quote from Alice in wonderland;

The only way to achieve the impossible, is to believe it’s possible.

It’s possible; you can do it; it doesn’t finish; it needs more from you to be achieved; it needs hard work; running from this way to another; it needs more patient; it needs you to never give up.

Don’t give up; You know why I say never give up because something funny, this blog was with 3 followers and now is 46; yeah, I know maybe for some isn’t a big deal; but it’s for me, I believe I can; I believe that there’s not nothing calls impossible; I believe you can do it to; why not? I’m tired, I get tired and sick all the time; I keep moving and doing this and that, but at the end I see my future self telling me: “Hey, don’t stop now, it’s okay to be tired, but don’t give up; this isn’t okay: I’m here to tell you that you succeed and you did it…”

Yes, yes, it’s my imagination, but it’s wonderful that every time it pulls me up and makes me want to go on and never giving up on myself and my dreams; you have to find that thing or that dream or that passion that will pull you up and never make you give up; find your strength; find the power within yourself because yes, it’s your power.

Take it or leave it, just remember giving up now might make you lose everything while you might have just one step to get everything you wanted; it’s okay to be tired, sick and cry hard, but never okay to give up; Stop, breath and relax for a while, but don’t go back and give everything up; you deserve the life you’ve been dreaming about.

Thank you all for reading this; hope you like it and hope it’ll motivate you to be better and move on; I miss you and happy to be here; wish you all the best; and don’t forget to be happy and smile always 😀 Enjoy life, be happy, smile and give love always. ❤

Good day, good night, or good afternoon wherever you’re in this world; love you all; see you soon. ❤ ❤ ❤ 😉


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