They say that all what I care for is my shape; They say I only care for my face; They say I don’t have a mind and sometimes they call me half mind….

They say I can’t do it; they say I’ll fail; they say my face isn’t natural; they say I’m empty behind my makeup..

They say this not for you; they say don’t dream big because you can’t do it; they say you’re responsible for the hell in the world;

Then I come and say; I’m human, I feel, I fall in love, it hurts, I try, I fail and it hurts; I cry from the pain; I fall asleep when no one sees my tears; I wake up, I wash my face and put my lipstick; ready to conquer the world!

I try and fail, I fall in love and it hurts; it hurts deep down there in my heart; it hurts that you keep breaking me, but I never fall and never give up;

And If I fell, I stand up again, stronger that before, put my lipstick and ready to go; you say I can’t, I don’t answer, I just show you that I can and I will;

I try and keep trying until it happens; I keep falling in love because I believe in love, not in you; I cry from pain to wash it away; the wounds will always be here because they are the lessons I learn from;

I’m not empty; I full of life and I’m the life, without me you can’t even breath; I’m not empty, I’m the life, I’m the love, I’m everything;

Half mind you said; but no, I’m not; that might be you because you think like that; I can’t! who are you to say so? My makeup isn’t for you to love me; it’s for me, for my pleasure; my lipstick isn’t for you to kiss me; it’s for me, for me love to myself;

They say I’m nothing when I’m everything; They say I can’t when I can and will;

I try and fail, then I success and conquer the world…


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